Carmarthen conversation groups?


There were just the same three of us last week and one can’t make it next week. We have decided to put the meet up on hold until after Christmas, if there is more interest then. I am a bit sad about this but three, for us, is not sufficient. We’ve had a good time, and there has been very little English so it has achieved what it set out to do, be a chance to practice our Welsh.


Well done for keeping it going for as long as you did, and congratulations on getting so much Welsh practice in - I hope next year we’ll be in a position to help promote meetups more successfully, and to help you get it up and running again :thumbsup:


I’m sorry I never made it to a meetup. Either I had something on the same night, or the weather was atrocious and I really don’t like driving in the dark when it’s raining so I’ll have to wait until the spring I’m afraid. Good on you for keeping it going though. I’ll put an announcement in the email so that others know.


I’m sorry that I didn’t come along to any meetings. I live in Whtiland and would love to meet up with a group, but I have a long standing Thursday night commitment every week. If you should ever change to another night of the week I’d give it a good go to come along.



Hi There,
id like to know if the group is resumed in the new year - found it hard to come as i was on call on thursdays but as ive dropped that job i might be able to fit it around scouts,


Hi, I really can’t do thursdays sorry, as well as being really busy… tuesday nights is much better or even moinday i think. i’mnot suggesting you change just for me, just an explaination of why i have not been since! many regards, Tim


It sounds like this group could be up and running again in the New Year if we can get agreement on a different evening. Would that suit you Margaret? And the other two regulars?


I can’t answer for the other 2 but I know that one is in Carmarthen anyway on a Thursday night anyway.
I chose Thursday night because there is another Welsh ‘siawns am sgwrs’ in llandeilo the following morning. I work nights, and the fewer nights I’m free to work the less work and the less pay for me. Each night I’m not available, on a regular basis, has to work double hard for me. Hence I go to regular Welsh lessons on a Wednesday night and a Thursday morning, one night but two events.
However, just because Thursday works very well for me doesn’t mean that four or five people couldn’t chose a different and better night for them.


Hi Margaret

My name is Jeremy Hill. I would be interested in attending the meet-ups in Caerfyrddin, so please advise date & time for next planned meet-up. Jeremy


Hi All

Sorry - I haven’t been paying attention and didn’t notice all the posts back in November. Personally I would be very keen to get a regular meeting going again somewhere in the Carmarthen area. I could manage any weekday evening but can’t do anything regular between 9 and 5. Can’t really do weekends either although Sunday evening might be OK.
Group or no group, I’d be delighted to meet up with anyone who wants to practice speaking.

Many Thanks - Bill ( one of the other 2 regulars)


Hi Bill, Hi Jeremy, Hi anyone else interested. Jeremy, I would be delighted to meet you this coming Thursday, 22 Jan, in the Ivy Bush hotel at 7pm. If you drive you need to register your car at the Hotel reception, but you don’t need to pay. I’ll be knitting, so you can recognise me that way.


Hi Margaret and everyone,
Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!
I’m very much a beginner with very little time to learn Welsh, although I have picked up snippets from my husband. Neither of us is Welsh but he’s been living here for nearly ten years and I’ve been here nearly four. He went on a course when he first came and I am looking for a course in the evenings as I run a cake stall in Carmarthen Indoor Market Tues to Sat. I love the language and really want to be able to speak to my customers in Welsh. I think I would be lost in your group at the moment but if I find a suitable course I would love to join to practise as I learn. I’m a pretty fast learner when it comes to languages so I would hope to be able to join the group really soon… Diolch yn fawr!


If you look up the top where it says ‘Learn’ you’ll find a few audio lessons…:wink:


Hi Liz, I’ll look you up in the market some time this week and we’ll have a chat. Have you used the SSIW lessons? If you want to learn Welsh they are really a very good way to go.


Annwyl Margaret. Gweld chi nos iau. Diolch yn fawr. Jeremy


Hi all I would love to meet up but don’t think I’m at that level yet I only know very very basic Im on level 15 of course 1 but perhaps in the future I will be :slight_smile:


I would love to come along to meet-ups but Thursdays I just can’t do, I’m sorry. If you ever shift the evening you meet on perhaps you could message me.

Dw i 'n byw yn Hendy-gwyn a dw i wedi cwpla y cyntaf dau cwrsau o SSiW. Dw i 'n awyddus i ymarfer yn siarad yn fwy aml. Diolch yn fawr.



Hi Emma, come along anyway. If you wait until you are ‘ready’ you will wait too long! We will be gentle with you. I don’t say it will be easy but it will stretch you. And none of us are perfect either.


Hi Emma - that’s great advice from Margaret! Being “ready” isn;t about where you’ve reached on the course, it’s about what you want to do with your Welsh. If you want to use it to speak to people, then the best way is to start speaking with people as early as possible, when you really feel that you don’t have enough Welsh. The worst that can happen is that you slip in and out of English a lot on your first meeting, and miss some of what’s being spoken about. On the other hand, the best thing that can happen is that you slip in and out of English a lot, and catch some of what’s being spoken about.

So really, when you are ready (=willing to take a step into the unknown in order to get the rewards of speeding up your conversational Welsh), then get down to Carmarthen. You’ll love it!

Come to think of it - @liz_mounty - that counts for you as well (and all the people reading quietly without responding!).


Hi Iestyn and Margaret,
So sorry, I haven’t been ignoring you, I’ve not been well. I really would love to come to the meetings but I honestly don’t think I’m ready yet. I’m not copping out but I really need to learn more and practise on my own for a bit so I will have a look for the lessons and maybe in a few weeks at most I’ll come and join you. Maybe hubby will come too. He knows much more than I do as he’s had formal lessons whereas I’ve just picked up a few basics from him!
Sorry I wasn’t there to meet you when you came to the stall, Margaret. I hadn’t seen the message saying you might come or I would have said I won’t be there for a while. I actually had to close for a week last week and my husband’s been holding the fort this week. I’m hoping I’ll be back next week but I will only be doing 2 or 3 days a week to leave enough time for baking so please do add me as a friend and message me if you’re thinking of coming to the market so I can let you know if I won’t be there. When I do make it to the group I’ll bring some cakes! :slight_smile: