Carmarthen conversation groups?


I’m sorry we didn’t make it last week - but would be very interested in coming along to the next one. Is it this Thursday?


Hi @Erica, we’re meeting next Thursday, that is 26th. That is, I would be really pleased to see you. At the moment we are down to 2 regulars, myself and @billigog and @billigog is away on a birthday jaunt which means I could be sitting by myself in the lounge next door to the bar with my knitting all by myself. So, please come and join me! You and your friend!

Hwyl Fawr


For the last few months The Carmarthenshire Conversation Group has consisted of myself and @billigog. And I’m on my travels for several months beginning this week. I’m not sure when I’ll be back, but shall we say I’m insured from next Monday until Christmas Day.

@billigog is happy to talk Welsh with anyone who makes contact with him but won’t be regularly at the Ivy Bush unless arrangements are made beforehand.



Reading all these posts and missed opportunities to get involved in a conversation group. I live in Pontargothi and would love the chance to participate in one of these groups. Carmarthen, Llandeilo and in-between / near all good for me…

Ydy e’n rhywbeth yn digwydd ar hyn o bryd?


Hi @roblisle. Im in Japan at the moment and wont be back until Christmas time. If you were to PM @billigog perhaps you could meet up.


Kidwelly group still runs.


I will be in Carmarthen (Nantgaredig) for a month from November 21st and am wondering if this group still gets together, or if there are any others in the area.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Contact @billigog via a private message and see what you can arrange. But @roblisle is in Pontargothi, which is fairly nearby as well.


I’m in Llandysul and could make it to Carmarthen to join in if it works out to be a convenient day. Looking at the list in the weekly email, there doesn’t seem to be another meetup very close to you unfortunately.


There’s also a Kidwelly group, which isn’t too far away.


Thanks all for your replies. :heart_eyes:
I have no transport, and am thinking there might not be buses if there are any meets in the evenings, so will have a look at my options for travelling around.
I’m hoping to volunteer at the Botanic Gardens while there so can practice my Welsh there hopefully :slight_smile:


I’m sure we can sort something out while you’re in Carmarthen. Are you staying in Carmarthen itself or at Nantgaredig?


After a year or so of life getting in the way @billigog, @johndray and I are meeting up in the Ivy Bush next Thursday, 7th June, at 7pm and fortnightly thereafter. We would love to meet up with other learners, beginning and more fluent. In the sitting room rather than the bar. I’ll bring my knitting, if you wonder who we are!


Thursday is not the best evening for me… I have a very early start every Thursday morning.

Wed or Fri is best for me.


Friday is best for me :slight_smile:


Would you mind if I came along from time to time? I could make it Thursdays or Fridays


@roblisle, you are welcome anytime.
Can @billigog and @johndray and I, and any other visitors, discuss this this Thursday? I can make one Friday night a month regularly but my life is complicated. I have other commitments, to things Cymraeg, to my social life, and I do have to work as well. I don’t mind not being able to come to an SSIW meeting regularly, as long as it does happen without me!


Thanks Margaret. I’ll try and come down this Thursday evening


Carmarthen isn’t a million miles away from us - and we quite often find outselves in the area - will be interested in this :slight_smile:


Would love to see you both there.