Casual Cooish - a topic to practice Manx, open to all!


Vel peiagh ennagh dy vel gearree cliaghtey gaelg? She tim mish, as by vie lhiam cliaghtey gaelg (loayrt ny screeu).


Sorry. What?


Mish - cha nel monney Gaelg aym, agh ta sym aym er lhaih (as, foddee, prowal screeu) beggan er y forum shoh (ny ayns boayl elley)…

(No idea how much sense that makes - I don’t know much, sorry! @hewrop, it’s Manx and @Watles84 here was wondering if anyone was interested! :slight_smile: )


Thanks, @Kinetic :smile:
@Watles84 There has been considerable interest in Manx expressed already _w_hich you should find by using the site’s search facility.
There is a general forum policy that posts should either be in English or a translation provided. In this case, you’d get a wider response by posting your question to more than existing Manx speakers.
I hope you find some fellow enthusiasts including @aran who, I believe, has broadcast in the Manx language. :smile:

Edited now I’m back home from holiday in the Gaelic speaking Hebrides with access to an actual keyboard … being sober helps, too. :smile:


Welcome to the forum, Watles84 - as Huw said, we encourage people to stick to English here so that even ‘just about to start’ beginners feel included and welcome - although we’re always happy to see a practice thread for each language when there are enough users to contribute to it… :slight_smile:


oh, ok cool. Thought I’d give it a shot! I’m very new too (on lesson 10 on the first level). Wanted to see if anyone wanted just a casual cooish (#cc) in gaelg on the messages boards :slight_smile: Like “how are you”, “I am good and how are you” , “I am good too. I have a book”, etc etc etc, to get the olllllll’ language muscles moving :+1:


[I changed the topic title. Starting a thread to practice Manx if any one is interested (?). Initiating Gaelg in three, two, one]

Hello! Kys ta shiu? She tim mish.


Might try and join you in here from time to time after another couple of intensive learning days… :slight_smile:


Ta me gearee cliaghtey Gaelg! Kys t’ou? Ta mee er yn Ellan Vannin as t’eh ceau fliagh nish!

I want to practice Gaelg! How are you? I am on the Isle of Man and it is raining now!


Fastyr mie! Kys ta shiu? Cha nel mee ayns Mannin, ta mee ayns Lunnin ec y traa t’ayn, agh s’mie lhiam yn Ellan. (Noddym gra “s’feer vie lhiam”? Cha nel mee shickyr.) Cha nel eh ceau fliaghey ayns shoh, agh t’eh beggan feayr.

Good afternoon! How are you? I’m not in Mannin, I’m in London at the moment, but I like the Island. (Can I say “s’feer vie lhiam” [for “I really like”]? I’m not sure.) It’s not raining here, but it is a bit cold.


Ta yn geurey çheet gyn ourys er bee! Beeym ayns Lunnin de gerrid mee hene. Ta my charrey aym gobbragh ayns shen. Er lhiam neeym goll dys yn V&A. Ta yn museum shen feer hymoil. Er-lhiam neeym goll dys thie bee foast. Ta ny thieyn bee feer vie ayns Lunnin. Cre’n sorçh bee share lhiat?

Winter is coming without a doubt! I will be in London soon myself. My friend works there. I think I will go to the V&A. That museum is very interesting. I think that I will also go to a restaurant. The restaurants in London are very good. What kind of food do you prefer?


Kys ta shiu! @Kinetic @AnCruiscinLan

S’mie lhiam Lunnin. Ta’n boayl feer vie. Cha nel mee er ve dys yn V&A, agh by vie lhiam goll. Ta mee er ve dys y Tate as y Tate Britain. S’mie lhiam Turner as Blake. S’mie lhiam goll dys ny thieyn-bee. Share lhiam burritos! As uss? Cre’n sorch dy vee share lhiat?

I like London. It’s a very nice place. I have not been to the V&A, but I would like to go. I have been to the Tate and the Tate Britain. I like Turner and Blake. I like to go to restaurants. I prefer burritos! And you? What kind of food do you like?


Some great Gaelg here…yindyssagh. Please feel free to contact me if you want more help on the Manx front.


Er-lhiam dy vel bee Sheenagh yn bee share lhiam. Agh va mee cummal ayns Yn Sheen rish bleeaney so ta mee my vee Sheenagh snob nish!
Va mee ayns Lunnin yn jerrey shiaghtyn shoh as v’eh feer vie. Hie mee dys yn National Gallery and yn The National Portrait Gallery yn ayns ynnyd jeh’n V&A agh v’ad feer symoil myr shen hene.
Hie mee dys thie bee Sheenagh rish my carrjyn Jeheiney. Agh va ny jeoghyn ro-vlaastey, va kione çhing ayms Jesarn!

Oh shenney lhiam dty meme ayns Gaelg! Yindyssagh!

I think that Chinese food is my favourite food. But I lived in China for a year so I am a Chinese food snob now!
I was in London this weekend and it was very good. I went to the National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery instead of the V&A and they were very interesting all the same.
I went to a Chinese restaurant with my friends on Friday. But the drinks were too tasty so I have a headache on Saturday!

Oh and I love your Gaelg meme! Fantastic!


Yn Cheen! Shen symoil! Craad v’ou cummal ayns yn Cheen? Cha nel me er ve dys yn Cheen. By vie lhiam goll dys Xian, ny Beijing, foddee Manchuria. Ta bee Sheenagh blasstal dy lioaar. S’mie lhiat Tsingtao?

Gura mie ayd! S’mie lhiam memes! T’ad cur orrym gearey :smile: As kys ta mee gra “Game of Thrones” ayns gaelg, foddee “Cloie ny Reeaghyn” (?)

China! That’s interesting! Where in China did you live? I have not been to China. I would like to go to Xian, or Beijing, maybe Manchuria. Chinese food is pretty tasty. Do you like Tsingtao?

Thanks! I like memes. They make me laugh. And how do I say "Game of Thrones in gaelg, maybe “Cloie ny Reeaghyn” (?)


Va mee cummal ayns Beijing agh cha mie lhiam Tsingtao er chor erbee, t’eh agglagh! Agh ta’n Tsingtao ry creck anys Europey ny share na yn Tsingtao ry creck anys yn Cheen. Cha 'sayms yn fa!

Ta ‘Game of Thones’ ayns Yernish neesht, t’eh ‘Cluiche na Corónach’. Shin eh ‘Game of Crowns’ As t’yn ennym er John Snow eh ‘"Seán an tSneachta’: John of the Snow. T’eh symoil, nagh eh?

Vel Lunnin dorrinagh noght? T’eh feer dorrinagh er yn Ellan Vannin noght gyn ourys erbee.

I lived in Beijing but I don’t like Tsingtao at all at all, it’s awful! But the Tsingtao for sale in Europe is better than the Tsingtao for sale in China. I don’t know why!
'Game of Thrones is in Irish Gaelic too, it’s 'Cluiche na Corónach. That is 'Game of Crowns. And the name on John Snow is ‘Seán an tSneachta’: John of the Snow. It’s interesting isn’t it?
Is it stormy in London tonight? It’s very stormy on the Isle of Man tonight without a doubt.


Feer vie! Shen symoil. Cha nel mee gui Tsingtao, cha mie lhiam. Agh s’mie lhiam lhune. As vel gaal-baarnee ayns Nerin (as Mannin) nish? Ren mee clashtyn dy row eh mooar.

Foddee ayns gealg, ‘Cloie ny Crooinney’? Ta mee er nyannoo meme elley :smile: shoh. Shen topic “Game of Thrones ayns gaelg” nish :laughing:

Very good! That’s interesting. I don’t drink Tsintao, I don’t like it. But I like beer. And is there a hurricane in Ireland (and Mannin) now? I heard it was big

Maybe in gaelg “Game of Crowns”? I have made another meme. This topic is “Game of Thrones in Gaelg” now lololol


O va’n gaal-baarnee ayns Nerin feer olk agh er lhiam dy row eh ny sloo olk er yn Ellan Vannin.
Ren oo jeeaghyn er y claare çhellveeish 'Stranger Things er Netflix? Foddee ayns Gaelg ‘Reddyn Ny Smoo Quaagh’? T’eh ny smoo tappee as asshagh dy ghra ayns Baarle!

Row Halloween mie ayd? Row ram trick-or-treaters ec dty thie? Va mee ayns Nerin agh va mee sheese er y çheer ec thie my phaarantyn myr shen cha row trick-or-treaters aym erbee! Va mee mollit er y fa dy ren mee cookies son nyn!

Oh the hurricane in Ireland was very bad but I think it was less bad on the Isle of Man.
Did you watch the tv show ‘Stranger Things’ on Netflix? Maybe in Manx it’s ‘Reddyn Ny Smoo Quaagh’? It’s quicker and easier to say in English!
Did you have a good Halloween? Did you have a lot of trick-or-treaters at your house? I was in Ireland but I was down the country at my parents house so I had no trick-or-treaters at all. I was disappointed because I made cookies for them!


She, she, ta mee jeeaghyn er “Stranger Things.” Ta feer vie! S’mie lhiam y chiaull. S’mie lhiam “Reddyn Ny Smoo Quaagh” :smile: Foddee “Quoi Shoh” ny “Shoh ta’n Oie” :ghost:

Va Halloween mie aym. Ren me gee ram miljyn. As ren mee jeeaghyn er “Stranger Things.” Cha nel trick-or-treaters ec my hie. Ta mee cummal er cronk mooar as cha nod ad shooyl shoh! Ta mee baghey ayns San Francisco, as ta mooarane crink shoh. Cre’n aught va cookies ayd? Blasstal?

Yeah! I watch Stranger Things. Its very good. I like the music. I like “Reddyn Ny Smoo Quaagh”. Maybe “Who’s Here” or “This is the Night”

I had a good Halloween. I ate lots of candy. And I watched Stranger Things. I didn’t have any tricker or treaters at my house. I live on a big hill and they can’t walk here. I live in San Francisco, and there are lots of hills here. How were your cookies? Tasty?


Sorry to go off-topic slightly - but I’d love to hear the back story of why someone in San Francisco is learning Manx… :slight_smile: