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Cerdded a Chlonc Ceredigion


Hi Nia - can you add my email to that list ? it’s - thanks very much


Helo. Dw i newydd ymuno y grwp Say Something In. Dw i’n byw yng Nghastell Newydd Emlyn. Mae diddordeb gyda fi cyfarfod gyda phobl er mwyn siarad/ymarfer Cymraeg. Oes eto grwp yn Aberaeron - Roedd y post olaf yn 2021 un blwyddyn yn ol, felly sa i’n gwybod. Unrhywbeth gwybodaeth “gratefully received”! Diolch. Philip 07976 479125



If you spot this do please add me to any lists informing people about any meetings in West Wales: diolch! Philip


Croeso i’r fforwm Philip :slight_smile:
As you’re new, you may not have seen this yet: Posting phone numbers and personal email addresses - contact details are not prohibited here but please consider that they are not protected either.


Diolch Siaron. Gwelais i hwn wedi ysgrifennu y post!!


@philip-wilson you could email nic [AT] dysgu [DOT] com and ask to be included in his email newsletter of events in the greater Aberteifi area.

And you could also get in touch with @nia.llywelyn who is involved in events for new Welsh speakers and learners in the Llambed area.

Plus, you could contact Lesley who organises conversation groups and meetups in Llandysul - Llandysul Monthly Conversation Group


Oes, mae grwp yn Aberaeron bob bore dydd Mawrth 10:30 - 12.
Dw i’n gobeithio mynd fory


Diolch @philip-wilson. Dw i wedi cadw dy e bost, a rhoi e mlaen i Marcus Whitfield.
Mae tudalen facebook Dysgwyr Cymraeg Ceredigion . Hefyd dw i’n dechrau sesiwn sgwrsio yn Y Vale, Dyffryn Aeron bob mis. Nos Fercher ola’ bob mis…