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Challenge 16 Introduction to Radio Cymru


I have just finished challenge 13. The task after completing the dialogue is to listen to 5 minutes of Radio Cymru. There is a helpful link to the online broadcast,

It’s the first time I have listened to this station and it is actually quite good. This evening’s programme is called “Stiwdio” and appears to be a magazine programme in which entertainers are interviewed. One of this evening’s guests is Gwyn Hughes Jones who is one of my favourite singers.

Probably because I am interested in opera and ballet I could follow quite a lot of the conversation.

Jones comes from Anglesey and here is a link to his web page

Happy New Year to all on the Forum.



It’s always enjoyable and reassuring when you can understand a segment of a show. It doesn’t happen often for me, but the first time I understood part of a programme was an article about horses working with disadvantaged children. As I have a horse, a lot of the vocabulary was both useful and familiar to me, and having an interest in what’s being said does itself help with comprehension, I think.


Yesterday I started listening to Radio Cymru after not tuning in for quite a few weeks, and the first thing I heard was a song by Cerys Matthews where I could understand almost all the words! Still not 100% sure what the song was actually about but it gave me a boost to recognise so much of the vocabulary I’ve learned in level 1 (helped by the fact that she articulates very clearly).