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Challenge 2 LvL 2


I applogize if this has been mentioned before but, I believe there is an error in the sentences. Right around the 12:24 mark the English sentence is “No we don’t have children yet” but the Welsh sentence ends in “eto” meaning “again”. I just wanted to make sure my brain isn’t scrambled and I heard it correctly.


Yes! Because it means again and also yet/still.

Which sounded quite weird to me, too.
But then I thought that ancòra in Italian is not that different, meaning yet/still and also more/again.
So I believe that it’s just better not to overthink too much and it will just seem normal at some point! :wink:


Grazie, I thought it might be something like that but I wasn’t sure.


Likewise “encore” in French. :smile:


Right! So it’s just the English that’s weird, after all! :smile:


Esatto / tout à fait :laughing:


It gets even more complicated in my native Wenglish - where I come from, it’s perfectly normal to say “I haven’t done it yet, I’ll do it again” which isn’t logical in ‘actual’ English, but in Wenglish it makes perfect sense and means “I haven’t done it yet, I’ll do it another time” :crazy_face::joy:


Exactly. My Mum was always saying that.