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Challenging myself and a book review


Just a quick note about the book review, I read Aran’s book Some Sex and a Hill and I’ve reviewed it on Amazon but also my blog, I’ve been keeping a book blog for some time although it’s kinda fallen by the wayside this year reading became a chore. I’m hoping to review Welsh books for learners in future. Tempted to start writing about learning Welsh on there too but still considering it. Thoughts? Here’s the link if you want to read the review, otherwise it’s on Amazon if you don’t.

Ok so my challenges, My first challenge was to record myself for the 5 minute sentences which I did. It made me very anxious.

Background info: I am an anxious person and speaking Welsh is definitely going to be a challenge as I can be socially anxious speaking English but it might even be something that helps. They say you should face your fear and do it anyway, being motivated to learn and speak Welsh this might be a huge help for my social anxiety (it’s not as bad as it used to be).

My next challenge was to get on Slack and have a speaking practice.
I joined a hangout but only one person turned up and I was disheartened afterwards that I hadn’t spoke much Welsh but no worries as I tried again. I had a short conversation/speaking practice and felt so much better and now I understand more the obstacles and challenges: the struggle to think of what to say.

So my next challenge… I am going to join a hangout eventually and more speaking practices… But I’ve had this idea to get into some Welsh conversations in the wild! It’s going to take a huge effort on my part I’ve been hoping it would just happen but I think I’m going to have to seek out places to speak Welsh.
My idea is to go to Ty Tawe (Swansea Welsh Shop) at the end of October, assuming we can find it, and maybe have a conversation in Welsh. (notice how I’m saying maybe just in case I fail)

I have my learner badge. I just need a confidence boast and although I know the gist of money in Welsh I’m not certain I remember it all. I might go in there with a blank mind!

Confidence is the obstacle but the more I do the easier it will be. I’m too nervous just saying Diolch but maybe if I say it to postmen/women or people I don’t know it won’t be so bad. Small steps.

I’m staying in Tenby (Dinbych-y-pysgod) for a few nights very soon but I don’t know any places where they speak Welsh. It’s only sunday,monday,tuesday and besides staying in Tenby I don’t know what we’re doing yet. I might wear my learner badge anyway.

If I have a conversation however short in Ty Tawe it’ll be an excuse to have some cake and buy even more books from Waterstones :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading, sorry if it’s long. Got a headache so I hope it’s understandable.


From my experience, I’d say it is!
I used to hate to speak and tried to avoid it as much as possible - in any language of the Universe! :smile:

Then I really wanted to learn English. I just started like this, going around and jumping in saying things to random people, and definitely made a huge difference.
Of course now, years later, all the skills I’ve learnt are useful to learn Welsh too!

Anyway I hope you find opportunities to speak where you’re going, even though it appears to be under that imaginary Welsh-speaking boundary I’ve been told about!
But in the future I can recommend Aberteifi and around, I’ve found plenty of Welsh speakers!
(actually I did find speakers pretty much anywhere I’ve been - Cardiff, Carmarthen, Llandysul and Sir Benfro but I had to plan things in advance!)


Well done for learning both English and Welsh. Amazing. I am hoping to go to many Welsh speaking places it’s just finding the time. Tenby is in Sir Benfro as Sir Benfro is the county. Like you said there’s not many Welsh speakers three but I might be surprised :grin: thanks for reading my post and thanks for your advice


Definitely go to TyTawe in Abertawe. I was nervous but received a warm welcome each time. I’ve been 3 or 4 times and always feel like it was a good time. The bookshop onsite is also excellent.If I am there come and say hello.


Thanks definitely going to Ty Tawe. More books!

I’m going week after next not sure when yet though. I’ve got a week off work spending a few nights in my favourite place Tenby and then trip to Abertawe. :grin: