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Chat buddies in Swansea area


Doing SSIW 6 mins a day course - week 64 needs me to spend 10 mins online with someone and the two of us alternating saying sentences . I am in Sketty so anyone if anyone nearby then we may be able to speak some Welsh socially distanced as well - I have a garden. Looking forward to hearing from someone. If no one in Swansea further afield ok for online chat. It has been suggested I use Slack - but my iPad too old to support it. John


@JohnYoung This sounds like maybe one for you, John!


Hi John. I live in Skewen and will be happy to help in anyway that I can. Perhaps a phone call or video link via Whatsapp, Google Hangout, Zoom or similar without the need for Slack. Feel free to message me.


Dear John,

Great I have Zoom and can give you my phone no if you prefer - best not to put phone no on here though. How do we get in touch without giving out our private details to everyone via this forum. Is there a private conversation option do you know ? Look forward to speaking to you.


I’ll let John answer how he wants to get in touch, but yes, there is a private message function - if you click on someone’s name you’ll see an option to ‘message’ - this is the private one (just you and them will see it). If someone responds to a private message, you’ll see it as a green dot next to your avatar in the top banner - click there and you’ll see you have a message with a little envelope by it - that’s your private conversation. :slight_smile: