Christmas Efrog Newydd - New York


Hi Pawb yn Efrog Newydd

I live in Brighton, South East England and will be coming over to Manhattan for Christmas week. Does anyone fancy meeting up for a coffee or better yet drink the health of the Nation with a celebratory whisky between Saturday 22 and 29 December?

Ac efallai tipyn o sgwrs hefyd?

Hwyl am y tro


Tagging @atomic_newt - ydach chi ddau yn nabod eich gilydd? Jen, mae Mark yn hyfryd - Mark, mae Jen yr un mor hyfryd ag wyt ti!.. :slight_smile:

Now I’m bitter and jealous. Why can’t I spend Christmas speaking Welsh in Manhattan?


Shwmae Mark! I’d be happy to come and meet you for a sgwrs and a panad! And maybe we can get a couple of others of our erstwhile * NYC group * to join us! @joanie? @joanalciati? :wink:

PM me and we’ll get organizing! :slight_smile:


Aran, you say the nicest things. Your wish is granted, I give you full permission to join us. All of you.

Jen, I will PM you a bit later. Looking forward to meeting up.


What, this balaclava, officer? Nothing at all, just on my way to the bank…


Aran, so that’s what you do in your spare time.

And - no, Jen and I have never met. Honest, Guv.

But I look forward to doing so and whoever else is around.

The only commitment I have is to be at the White Horse in Manhattan on two evenings - 23rd and again on 27th if only to drink to Dylan. I suppose excluding travel days - 22nd and 29th, that means any time is free time.


For a very nasty moment I read that as ‘the White House’ and I was going to warn you against it in the strongest possible terms… :wink:


and my first thought was the clothes shopping store for women named, “White House - Black Market.” :sweat_smile:

@markwatkinprice - I live in Delaware, about 3-4 hours from NY City. We don’t have plans for Manhattan, but if that changes, I’d like to meet and talk; it would be a blast!


Maybe I could visit the White House Black Market to go in style to the White House Black Hole. Now there’s a thought.

Delaware, it would be great to meet you. So far Jen is thinking of afternoon on 28th but I’m flexible. No reason that’s the only date to meet friends

This week away is getting better by the hour. Aran, you sure you won’t come?




I can’t find that word in my Geriadur Cymraeg. What does it mean? :rofl:


I live in upstate Efrog Newydd but often visit the city. If I’m there in your range of dates (most likely towards the end), I will check in. It would be great to meet and siarad Cymraeg. And if you happen to be visiting the Catskills at some point, let me know!


Whereabouts are you in the Catskills? I have family connections in the area and find myself up there from time to time! Would love to meet for a panad and a sgwrs! :grinning:


Yes, atomic_newt! I’m in Phoenicia, west of Woodstock. Would be happy to get together. Message me when you’re around.


oh I know where that is! (My aunt lives in Kingston!) Next time I have the opportunity to be in the area I will certainly let you know! :grinning:


We could meet in Woodstock or at the Guatemalan restaurant in Shokan. Looking forward!


Perfect! :grinning:


Is that that where Jay Ungar wrote Ashokan Farewell?

And maybe I will visit Woodstock next time I’m nearby


It looks like Mark & I will be meeting for a panad on Friday, the 28th–exact time and place TBD (but somewhere in Manhattan!) I’ve tracked down the few erstwhile members of the occasional NY SSIW group, but sadly it doesn’t appear anyone will be available to join! (I’ll be keeping them in the loop anyway in case they can make it last minute! :wink: )

SO, any other takers? Quiet NYers we don’t know about yet that would like to join us? Those not too far that might like to come to the city for the day?

Anyone? Anyone? Beuller? :smirk:


Hylo Jen

Many thanks for taking the trouble to organise a meetup, i really appreciate it and am very much looking forward to meeting you.

If anyone can suggest a place, it would be helpful, but I will make some enquiries.

Hwyl am y tro