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Clonc-edigion Revived


Hi @elizabethrowley Caffi Cletwr is on the A487 about half way between Machynlleth and Aberystwyth, it is technically in Tre’r Ddol but if you go on the A487 you won’t miss it - it’s a big new looking wooden building :smiley:

Hope to see you all there :slight_smile:


Here’s a picture looking southbound towards Aberystwyth from the aforementioned A487


Diolch Nicky. Looking forward to the meet up


Fab, looking forward to meeting you. What time do you usually meet? Afternoon would be good :wink:


11:00 start but those of us from the ‘other end’ of the county usually stay for lunch.


We will be here, possibly not bang on at 11 as we will be doing Parkrun in Aber at 9, going home to shower and then booting it up the A487 - although we shouldn’t be too late!


I’m looking forward to catching up with Nicky and as many others as possible at Cafe Cletwr at 11:00 - ish this Saturday (26th October).
This community cafe is 8.5 miles South of Machynlleth and 9.2 miles North of Aberystwyth and here’s a map.


I am sorry I won’t be joining you all for the meet up. I was looking forward to meeting you again. The weather is not at its best here in the Aberteifi / Aberporth area, and we have decided not to take the risk. I am still in recovery mode after surgery to my shoulder, so I had better behave myself.
Thank you for the travel instructions, it made the route very clear.
I hope you have a good Meet up and I hope to be at your next.
Diolch yn fawr iawn
Hwyl am y tro


SORI I’ve had to turn back - flooding :frowning:
Ystrad Meurig cut off from civilisation (or is it vice versa?)
If any one has a means of contacting @Deborah-SSiW or @Nicky, I’d be grateful if you’d let them know.


Sorry to hear neither of you can make it. There was a little water on the road in places with temporary traffic lights but not too bad. I’m in the Cwtch now waiting for anyone else who makes it :smile:


Well, @Onion and I had a lovely chat for over an hour but we’re heading off now. Hope we get a better weather day next time!


Sorry I missed it - even one fewer than the Newquay Clonc.
Perhaps we should take a winter break to see if Cloncedigion can be re-revived in the spring.
I hope that @Onion managed to avoid the topic of rugby for the hour. :zipper_mouth_face:


Ian was telling me that he sings with Côr Gobaith that performs at 11:00 on the last Saturday of each month in Aber and that there are several other members who are learning with SSiW and would possibly be interested in coming along, if we changed to a different Saturday so we don’t clash.
That sounds like a reasonable suggestion to me as it was an arbitrary choice anyway. He’s going to ask if they have any preference for a different Saturday and let us know so we can have a think and perhaps choose a different weekend for November.


Was good to meet up. Tried to make suitably sympathetic noises in respect of rugby. Really sharing the pain today! I know some others go to Nicky’s Wednesday group and meet at Cafe Clettwr on the 3rd Saturday of the month. Will check out if there are any takers for meeting later on the 4th Saturday, or another Saturday in the month :slight_smile:


Seeing as I didn’t even know that Aotearoa had lost, I guess I managed to hide my emotion well :joy:

I forgot to ask what people think of the other option - of meeting later in the day?

My own preference is not to do that as I quite like to stay and have lunch with others if I’ve travelled to the other end of Ceredigion, plus it gives the afternoon free to do other things, but that’s just me. I’m sure I could manage if the decision was to stick to the last Saturday but meet at 2pm, for example, and those of us that like to eat together could just go early perhaps.


I know 2 or 3 others who would be interested so i’ll sound them out about their availability for other Saturdays or an afternoon meet


It looks like there are 4 of us in the choir interested in meeting and can make it the 1st or 2nd Saturday of the month in the morning, or afternoon of 4th Saturday (we always sing in Aberystwyth at 11am-12 on 4th Saturday every month).


I can’t make the second Saturday as we have a Welsh walk in the Teifi Valley area on those days (newcomers very welcome!) but the first Saturday would generally be OK for me.

@HuwJones @Nicky @elizabethrowley @wendyjames


Any Saturday is generally Ok for me, preferably late morning.


Things have been a little quiet in this thread recently, sorry about that, but I’m just checking the calendar to see what might be a possibility.

We’ve just about run out of November with this Saturday being the last one … though we could meet in the afternoon if that would suit the people from Aber.

I was going to suggest we try for the first Saturday of the month, but the SSiW Day Out in Sain Ffagan is on Dec 7th, and I hate missing a chance to spend a day there. Then the 14th is my usual Welsh walking group and I’ve missed the last two for various reasons.

I could probably do the 21st if people don’t think that’s too close to Christmas though.

What do others think?