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Clonc-edigion Revived


I may have to skip the next one because family will be descending for Christmas and Hogmanay before 21st December. I should be sober by the end of January, though.


Actually, I’ve just counted up the number of weekends that I have before Christmas to finish the assignment I’m working on and I don’t think I can manage anything either. I suspect my Sain Ffagan trip and my Welsh walk might have to take a back seat as well! Perhaps in January when @HuwJones is sober and I’m back from Germany :slight_smile:


Nadolig llawen. Hope we can meet up in the New Year.
Hwyl am y tro


Fellow Cloncedigion particpants may have noticed that @catrinlliarjones has taken over the job of circulating details of meetups. I am quite happy to be the contact person if @Nicky is OK with that,

Towards the end of last year, attendance was dwindling partly due to weather and possibly due to other meetings throughout the county.

Could you please respond to this post if you thing we should continue with the original concept of monthly meetings at various venues thrrughout the county?

If there is little response, I shall assume that our cloncing needs are being met in other meetings (which I hope to attend myself). If, however, there is still a will to continue I will aim to arrange a clonc on 25th the last Saturday of January (but this may miss Catrin’s next e-mail circular).


No problems here! I’ve been shoddy in my responsibilities due to ever increasing workloads here :slight_smile:

Looking forward to future meetups!


I really enjoyed the Clonc I attended in Aberystwyth, though as a Gwynedd-ite I’m only likely to make it meetings in the very north of the county so ignore me as far as a vote for it continuing. But I just wanted to say that if any people in Ceredigion had considered attending but not managed to pluck up the courage, they are fun and very friendly.


Diolch Margaret a Nicky


Hello Huw, I’m back from my travels in Africa so unpausing SSIW and ready to start practicing again. I enjoyed the Clonc in Newquay and would be keen to continue monthly meetings. Unfortunately I’m away the weekend of the 25th otherwise I would be there.


I too am interested in further meet ups.
Hwyl nawr


Croeso nol @wendyjames. I’d love to hear an account of your African travels.
Can you and @elizabethrowley make Saturday 1st Feb for a clonc? If so, I propose McCowan’s Vintage Cafe in Aberaeron at 11 am.
I would then ask @catrinlliarjones to include it in her events circular to see if we can attract more than the three of us. :smile:
Later: Tagging @Macky to lead you to this thread. :smile:


Yes that is fine with me. Where in Aberaeron is the Vintage Cafe ?
Hwyl nawr


McCowan’s vintage cafe is at 35 Alban Square (a one way system) on the site of the former La Cuccina. You may be able to street park, but this google map shows the relation of the cafe to the beach front car park. I hope Wendy can make it, too.,-4.2593195,17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x486f13a08851f561:0xc652a3ca9b274272!8m2!3d52.242287!4d-4.2584987


Thanks for the information. It would be nice to have a group of us. I can’t make the 8th, but I can make the other Saturdays, including ofcourse the 1st of Feb. as suggested originally.


Bendigedig! I can make 1st Feb in Aberaeron, and will see if 2 or 3 others from Aberystwyth want to come along


Diolch Huw,
I shall have to play it by ear but hoping to make it. I’m trying to get out and about with my Welsh again after quite a few months in the background.
Hopefully see you soon. :crossed_fingers:


I only arrive back in Llandysul on Feb 1st so I won’t make this one, but hopefully the next. Diolch for getting it organised @HuwJones


Take care Deborah and have a safe journey back to Wales next week.

The meeting is in the email for this week @HuwJones! :slight_smile:


Sorry for the delay in replying. I hope to be able to make it on the 1st Feb.


Please see my PM :heart:


Have a great time everyone and I’ll see you at the next one!