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Clonc-edigion Revived


I’m looking forward to seeing as many as can make it to Saturday’s Cloncedigion in Aberaeron at 11 am in McCowan’s Vintage cafe.
Here are the details I posted earlier.
Huw :smiley:


All the very best with it @HuwJones! I hope you get a good bunch of people turn up and have a fabulous morning! :slight_smile:


Hope it’s a good one Huw. I’ve had a text reminder for our monthly local meet up in Aberdaugleddau so I shall not be driving up I’m afraid. Maybe next one if there’s no clash. Mwynhewch. :+1:


Diolch, Macky. Have a good one in Aberdaugleddau. Hope to see you next time.


thanks for getting this organised @HuwJones I’ll be there and bringing 2 or 3 others from Aberystwyth


I enjoyed meeting 5 old and new friends at today’s cloncedigion in Aberaeron. The numbers were much better than recent meetups.

Conversation flowed in Welsh and, where necessary, English. There was a good range of “fluency” so it was important that no-one should feel excluded.

I found McCowan’s Vintage Cafe more or less by sticking a pin in the map. It turned out to be a pleasant, traditional Welsh-speaking cafe with a tasty range of cakes and hot drinks but It was small and the Espresso machine was very noisy. Perhaps we would be better off “lan lofft” if we go there again.

At the end of our meeting a lady came up from a neighbouring table and congratulated us on our Welsh. There’s proud we were. :smile:

I’ll wait until @Deborah-SSiW settles in back home before discussing the next meeting with her but ideas about dates and venues are always welcome. :smile:


Thanks for arranging the meet up Huw. These chats all help to build confidence in speaking. Diolch.


I (and the others, I believe) particuarly enjoyed hearing an account of your inspiring travels in the service of the world’s bird life. There’s definitely a book there somewhere. :smile:


Sounds like you all had a great meet up! I look forward to being around for the next one.


I really enjoyed our Meetup on Saturday. Looking forward to the next one. Diolch.


Thought it was good, and really helps to chat with such a supportive group. I think it was a good idea to meet mid-County as well, and the cafe was good if noisy at times so agree it might be better upstairs. Ambassadors in Aberaeron might be an alternative.


Certainly worth checking out next time we meet up in Aberaeron! Diolch!

What we usually do is hold the meet up in different parts of Ceredigion, so that everyone gets a turn where it’s closer to them, but we vary the location. When we’re further north we often get people from Powys or Gwynedd travelling down to join us, and when we’re further south, we get participants from Sir Benfro as well, so any suggestions for next time will be very welcome.


It may help future planning to look at (most) of the Cloncedigion venues since @Nicky 's original initative.
I have extracted this list: which include some that we have visited more than once:

Riverside Cafe, Tregaron
Buon Appetito, Llandysul
Cafe Cletwr, Tre’r Ddol
Caffi Emlyn, Tan-y-groes
Moody Cow, Llwyncelyn
Cartref Huw & Maureen, Ystrad Meurig
Coffee Hut, Tresaith Beach
Byrgyr Aberystwyth
Crwst, Aberteifi
Contis cafe, Llanbedr P S
(White Swan, Llanon - closed on arrival)
Cafe Hafan, Tregaron
Caffi Alys, Machynlleth
Cafe Pen Dinas, LlGC / NLW Aberystwyth
Bluebell, Ceinewydd
McCowan’s Vintage Cafe, Aberaeron


I quite fancy Crwst in Aberteifi. I wasn’t able to go last time, so still haven’t tried it, though friends in Aberteifi say it’s great.


Yes Crwsti was great. It should attract our Southern & Penfro friends.
Shall I post a poll thingy to find which Saturday is best? In fact, it might be better to find out which Saturdays people can’t make. I know people do have regular monthly commitments.

I suggest we go North for the following Clonc (Cafe Cletwr?) because the last one was blighted by weather.


Syniad da to both of those - a poll and Cafe Cletwr. It’s always good to support community initiatives like that.


The proposal is that we return for our February Clonc to Crwst, Aberteif / Cardigan (edit: subject to confirmation)
To determine the optimum Saturday, I’d like to ask people to use the following two polls.

In the first poll, please click on the BEST Saturday for you (Choose one only)

  • Saturday, 22nd Feb, 11;00 AM
  • Saturday, 29th Feb, 11:00 AM
  • Saturday, 7th March, 11:00 AM

0 voters

In the second poll, please indicate which Saturdays you CAN’T make (choose all that apply)

  • Saturday, 22nd Feb, 11:00 AM
  • Saturday, 29th Feb, 11:00 AM
  • Saturday, 7th March, 11:00 AM

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The only problem is, Crwst is really really busy on Saturdays now. When busy it is also echoey and noisy. Fisherman’s rest by Quay Street car park is another possibility. A Welsh group meets there weekly and Jane, the owner is very supportive


Thanks, Wendy, that’s a useful update. Let’s assume that we are going for Aberteifi / Cardigan for the moment and see what responses we get about the date.

Crwst was busy when we last met (Plaid were in town for their annual meet) but we could make ouselves heard and the “Portuguese-style Pasteis de Nata / Custard tarts” were yumblicious. :smile:

We can make a final decision about venue after we settle on a date.


How about 1176 ? It is the cafe at Castell Aberteifi.