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Clonc-edigion Revived


Yes, that one would be worth a visit as well


Noswaith dda good people! Any new dates for this week’s email? Or should I say ‘next date to be confirmed’ for now? Diolch! :slight_smile:


Diolch am ofyn, Catrin. We’ve only had 4 respondents in the past 5 days from which 7th March is only date that’s possible for all 4. Two new venues in Aberteifi have been added so we’ll need to have another “people’s vote” on this. Perhaps the best thing would be to remove the Cloncedigion entry till we have a definite date and venue towards the end of Feb. :smile:


Dim problem o gwbl @HuwJones and diolch for responding so quickly! :slight_smile:


I’d love to be there myself, but I can’t come to Wales every two months! (at least just yet). :wink:

However as a quite regular customer of Aberteifi cafés & restaurants :grin: , may I add a few notes here @HuwJones amd @Deborah-SSiW ?

Crwst is my favourite for food and “feel”, unfortunately I have to agree with @wendyjames that sometimes it’s really busy, echoy and noisey (in my experience usually quite later than 11 A.M. but can’t be 100% sure)

I’ve been at Fisherman’s a few times, at the Sgwrs Grwp on Friday morning, and it was never too noisy and the owners are very friendly. I’ve never stopped for lunch so I don’t know about food, although I’d expect fish to be really good cause when they had a market stall fish did look very good and fresh!

1176 at Castell Aberteifi has a bit more of a poshy vibe, but as far as I can remember prices weren’t crazy high. I’ve been there only once, it seemed mostly a place where people hang out in the evening (at least in the summer, since I see in low season it closes at 4 pm) so I’d expect it to be fairly quiet in the morning. By the way, the waitress was a fluent Welsh speaker and happy to speak to an Italian learner! :slight_smile:

In any case, Aberiteifi is so small, that you might as well consider touring them all in case one gets too busy or the menu doesn’t inspire you! :laughing:

One more place you might consider, although slightly out of town, very nice super quiet (at least in low season and/or rainish days) The Glasshouse Cafe at the Welsh Wildlife Centre
Excellent cakes for sure, I haven’t tried other food, but seems interesting, and you can also have a walk if you’re bored of sitting down! :smiley:


I voted before reading your last message Huw. I am going to France game on 22nd and Milford meet on 7th so only one date suits. That said please don’t choose a date to suit me as I may not always make it.


Shall we make it the 29th then?

Here’s the page with the 1176 menu so we can consider that.


The 29th is fine by me as long as everyone promises not to propose to me. :laughing: (*)
As you’ll see from my poll, we’ll miss the company of Wendy and Nicky this time.

EDIT: I’ve just made proxy votes for Macky in the “can’t make it” poll on the basis of his last post so it now tells us that 2 people (Wendy and Nicky) can’t make the 29th March, two people (Wendy and Macky) can’t make the 22nd and only Macky can’t make 7th March.
Conclusion. If we want to minimise the number of people who CAN’T make it, then 7th March remains the front runner

Thank you for your hepful input, @gisella-albertini. (Wish you could join us).
Any venue works for me but I’ll post another “people’s vote” if people are feeling deprived. :wink:

(*) actually - scrub that - Maurreen said she wouldn’t mind. :sob:




good to see lots of interest here, though don’t think i will be able to travel down to Aberteifi on a Saturday. If i did i would suggest cafe no. 3 on the high street


Sounds good to me. I’ve double-checked my calendar and so far that day is still open :slight_smile:


I thought I would let you know that there is to be a St. David’s Day parade in Cardigan on Sat 29th Feb. It is being arranged by Steffan Rees, Menter Iaith Cered. The Parade starts at 10.30 from the Guild Hall and make its way to the Castle.
There will be a short ceremony to conclude the Procession. As a “newly retired castle Volunteer”, I plan to watch the Procession. So apart from the 29th, I can join the meet ups.


Thanks for letting us know, :slight_smile:
I think we’re now going for 7th March (see above) for the next Cloncedigion; this being the Saturday which the smallest number of us CAN’T make.


Have we got a majority for a venue yet? It would be good if @catrinlliarjones has something to put in tomorrow’s newsletter :slight_smile: I’m happy with any of them, but if there’s no strong preference we could give Crwst a try again. With it being winter and meeting at 11, perhaps it won’t be too busy?


Good question, Deborah. Rather than my posting another vote (people might share my recently acquired distrust of referenda/ums), I second your suggestion that we give Crwst another chance. In that case, we should ask @catrinlliarjones to include “Crwst, Aberteifi / Cardigan; 11:am; Saturday 7th March” for our next Cloncedigion.
I’ll be there and I hope to see you and as many others as can make it. :smile:


It sounds like it might be @aran producing this week’s newsletter :slight_smile:


Yikes, almost forgot…!


Hi there, I’ve never been to any of the Cloncedigion meet-ups, but might be able to make the one in Crwst on the 7th of March. Is it open to all and what’s the format?


That would be great! It’s a very relaxed, meet up with friends (new and old), have a coffee, stay for some lunch if you want to but it’s not obligatory - just a nice social get-together with a chance to use your Welsh.


Sounds great! Hopefully I will be able to make it. :slight_smile: