Clonc-edigion - The Touring Ceredigion Meet Up


The Owain Glyndŵr Senedd-dy is open Monday - Saturday until the weekend of 16th September for the Gŵyl Owain Glyndŵr.

Details of what will be happening on Friday (14th) of the festival weekend (evening lecture, cheese and wine usually) and Saturday 15th (something aimed at Welsh learners in the morning, children in the afternoon and everyone in the evening) will be firmed up after the Eisteddfod. Mark that weekend in your diaries too!


Sorry, I don’t think I can make either of the September dates. It’s my half-hundred birthday in between, and I’m bookending it with birthday stuff. I might be drunk for the whole month, actually…

See you in October, if I make it through. :worried:


It’s my half-hundred birthday in between

If you’re going to make excuses, at least make them plausible. :laughing:
Beth bynnag - enjoy your celebfration - whatever. :wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass:


I agree with Huw - celwydd ci! However, that might deserve a special SSiW celebration…


Ah, bless you both, @HuwJones and @BronwenLewis - you didn’t miss your cue!


I’ve just changed my vote. I’m going to be in Caerdydd on the 8th, so I’d rather go for the 1st if that’s at all possible.

And Happy Hanner Cant to you @Isata! We really need to celebrate that :beers:


Shame! I’m now in Aberystwyth on 8th! I’ve left my vote neutral though, as 8th is also the Macheteers meet up so it might be awkward for Machynlleth-based Cloncers.


I don’t believe it! Then who was the young woman I met at the Eisteddfod?
Happy birthday.


That must have been my mum! :smile:


Well guys, we’re off to Byrgyr tomorrow for a friends birthday - so I will let you know ASAP what its like!


Whenever the next Cloncodigion is, I hope to be there, and as Nicky has kindly found a novel for me, I’ll bring my small stock of Welsh novels to pass on to anyone who wants them. If they’re too easy for everyone present, I’ll find somewhere else to donate them.


OK then guys…

Saturday 1st September.
Byrgyr, Aberystwyth

The only thing is that they don’t open until midday - so is everyone OK with this being a midday meet?

Here’s the menu…

Those who are coming let me know, I’ve provisionally booked a table for 10 - so please get everyone along :smiley:


That menu looks very tempting! September 1st is still OK for me, so please put me down as coming. Midday is fine. I’m looking forward to meeting the Ceredigionites. :smile:


Excellent news!


Count me in - disgwyl ymlaen / looking forward. :smile:


For those not aware of Byrgyr’s location. (Unfortunately some big scaffolding on the outside is blocking their big logo). They are directly across the road from the Pier.

You walk through the main entrance and take the first right.

For anyone looking for a safe and free place to park their cars. You are free to use my street Ffordd Min-y-Bryn or the street next to me Banadl Road. Both are usually quite empty on weekends, although they are about a 5-10 minute walk from Byrgyr.

Also not on the menu, but they do a good range of teas and coffees too!


Thanks, Nicky - in my diary!


I’ll be there! Looking forward to it.


Only a couple of days now guys!

I think I’ve worked out that there will be 7 of us there.

I’ve booked a table for 10, and there’s always room to bring an extra chair or two over - so if you want to come, do feel welcome!


I may be doubtful. I have some friends staying over on Friday night and I’m not sure how long they are intending to stay on Saturday and at what time I can reasonably excuse myself!