Clonc-edigion - The Touring Ceredigion Meet Up


I won’t vote because it would unfairly bias the vote towards the northernmost end of the Cloncedigion territory. I’ll leave you mid-Wales natives to decide location and just come along on the occasions when you meet in Aberystwyth or Machynlleth and I’m able to make the date.


Hi all, been meaning to come along to one of these and hopefully October is the one! I’ve made my vote…hopefully see you all soon :smiley:


OK, Results, voting and so forth - closed.

It seems like the rest of 2018 looks like…

Right, so Crwst in Aberteifi/Cardigan next…

Final question, what are Saturdays like for people?

Saturday 6th October
Saturday 13th October


Saturday 6th October
Saturday 13th October

Either is good for me


I’m away for both so don’t worry about me.


6th is better for me, because the Machynlleth meet up is on Saturday 13th (2nd Saturday of the month).

That way we could do Clonc-edigion 6th October, Machynlleth 13th and Cletwr 20th! :slightly_smiling_face:


6th is better for me too.


Saturday 6th October - Crwst, Aberteifi, Cardigan.
11AM! More info to follow shortly.

This will work out great because I’m actually going to be at the Theatr Mwldan all day on the Friday and Saturday for a conference, so popping over for an hour should be easy :smiley:


I am a new member and unfortunately I will be away on Oct. 6th. I am looking forward to your next meeting


Hi Elizabeth,

Looking forward to seeing you.

We usually meet at the end of a month or in the first week of a month. Always on a Saturday and mostly at 11am


Jyst am bympio (translation needed? :slight_smile: )
Looking forward to seeing those who can make it tomorrow (Sat) in Crwst, Aberteifi/ Cardigan at 11-ish in the morning. :slight_smile:


Looking forward also to seeing everyone!


Sending my apologies, but hope to get there next month!


Nice to see everyone yesterday. I will be popping into Crwst again next time I’m in Cardigan. :+1:t2:


What was Crwst like? I’ve heard people saying it’s nice, but any more detail? Worth me taking Welsh-speaking AirBnB guests to?


It was really nice. Pleasant environment. Good deli selection including Pasteis de Nata (Portuguese custard tarts) Mmmmm :yum:. Good coffee (and probably other hot drinks). Pleasant Welsh-speaking staff. Comfortable seats - it was busy but not “Llawn dop”. Like Mackie, I shall certainly go again.
Here’s their website


I also left @Nicky rather hurriedly without saying goodbye or thanks so, let me explain. We left Crwst together and found ourselves at the Theatr Mwldan (which I’d often visited on Bootcamp) where I just wanted to grab a sandwich for the journey. As we walked in, I realised that it had been taken over by Plaid for their conference. I explained at the reception desk that I wasn’t a member but was looking to buy a sandwich. They pointed me towards the counter. I left Nicky at reception and made a bee-line for the sandwich counter where I found the lady didn’t speak Welsh. :laughing::open_mouth: (Brechdan neis iawn oedd e, beth bynnag / good sandwich anyway)

Anyway, sori cyfaill, diolch a da bo’


…to continue the story. I bumped into Leanne Wood, my old Rhondda friend and I went into the conference and.has a grand time.

@dee I can highly recommend Crwst. It was my 3rd visit and they are great. I good range of food and drink and a really nice Welsh welcome


What @HuwJones and @Nicky said. Lovely place, friendly staff, great food, though it was busy! It’s worth getting there early on a Saturday lunchtime, I think. And they do gin ice cream! What more could you want?


When and where will the next meeting be ? I missed the October meeting at Crwst and am looking forward to the next one.