Clonc-edigion - The Touring Ceredigion Meet Up


Thanks for reminding me Elizabeth!

Contis Cafe in Lampeter is the next one.

I’ll open up the votes for availability:

  • Sat 3rd November
  • Sat 10th November
  • Sat 17th November

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Sat 10th


Ah, we went past Crwst today. It looked massive.


The 10th, being the second Saturday in the month, is the Machynlleth meetup in Caffi Alys. We are being joined by a group of 7 other learners and I will be opening up the Senedd-dy (Parliament House), so people can look round the Owain Glyndŵr centre. I may even say a few words about the history of the place! Of course, everyone from the north of Ceredigion (and further afield) is welcome to join us. So far I have booked a table for 10-12 in Caffi Alys at 10.30am.


I think the obvious choice here then is…

Clonc-edigion 17th November: Lampeter, Contis Cafe.
5 Harford Square, Lampeter.

Which leaves the week before free for anyone to head to Machynlleth :smiley:


That sounds a very good idea.




Looking forward to this!


If you ever tour London, let us know :slight_smile:


I’m in London for another 22 and a bit hours, but fully booked I’m afraid.


Looking forward to the meeting in Lampeter.

Hwyl am y tro



Just a quick one that I won’t be able to make it today unfortunately (first Clonc I’ve ever missed!).
A combination of things. 1. We’ve got a poorly guinea pig here that needs to go the vets this morning and we could only get an appointment that clashed!
2. We went to Cardiff to watch Wales play last night and a combination of road works on the way back meant we didn’t get to bed until 4.30am so I am feeling slightly less than human.

Big apologies to all. Hope to see you all next month when I will definitely be there!


Sorry - the Three Macheteers have all had to cry off for various reasons - hope to meet up next time!


I’m waiting for the bus to Lampeter, so please will someone be there!


There will definitrly be a fair few there. Huw, Dee and Carolyn are going


Sorry you missed the meetup @Nicky and the Macheteers! We missed you! :cry:

However, there was a merry group consisting of Huw, Margaret, myself and a new participant - Beth. She has been learning Welsh in classes for some time, but felt that what she learnt was very formal compared to what people actually say. She is now learning with SSiW and came armed with questions and comparisons to what she’s now learning, so it was a very useful meetup - general conversation with a mini-class as well :smile: She was very reassured by all present!

We’re already looking forward to the next one. Will we have a pre-Nadolig meetup to round off the year? If we could make it central to include as many as possible, it would be good.


Good news! Happy to hear it was successful!

I felt so bad, but a last minute pet emergency came up!

I would definitely recommend a pre-Christmas meetup. I realise as well that Saturdays are going to becoming difficult for a lot of people, so also open to a Sunday if it makes things easier for anyone?

Our “Southest” people are probably yourself @dee or @philipmcmanamon who lives across county lines, and our “Northernest” are probably the Macheteers or @margaretnock.

What is centrally most convenient for everyone? Somewhere like Aberaeron is probably 30 miles for our Southernest, and 30 miles for our Northenest people.

Any suggestions people? :smiley:


I was thinking perhaps Aberaeron would be reasonable for most, though I’m not really familiar with many of the eating places there. I’ve been served in Welsh in The Hive once, but that might have just been random luck :slight_smile:


Aberaeron would be lovely, and could it include a short, bracing walk to build up an appetite?


@Nicky, I’m probably one of your southernmost occasional visitors, from near Cross Hands, Sir Gar. Please don’t make plans according to whether I can make it. Much as I enjoy the visits, I can’t be considered a regular member.


Thanks for keeping me in mind. I worked the weekend gone in Barry do also missed the last Clonc. If am home I’m always happy to drive for a couple of hours to a Clonc. Aberaeron is good for me. :+1: