Clonc-edigion - The Touring Ceredigion Meet Up


@Nicky Brysia wella! Take good care of yourself!


Just read about your accident. Hope you are feeling more comfortable now and are making a good recovery.
Hwyl am y tro


I had to go back in today for a CT scan on my head as I’ve been quite ill over the last two days - and I didn’t realise until today that I was actually knocked out for 10-15 seconds after the crash! I couldn’t remember!

Will be better soon though, so thanks all!


Hope all good with you, just signed up with SSi and thought I’d check if a meeting is planned. Scary!!!


Probably time to start working out the next one.

Where do we want to go then folks?


It might be time to look East again. The Riverbank Cafe just outside Tregaron is, according to Google, a little over an hour from Aberteifi and Machynlleth, 40 minutes from Aberystwyth and 12 minutes from me. It seemed to go down well on our first visit. There is a Facebook Page for those with access.
(Hope you’re recovering well, @Nicky)


Yikes. Cym ofal 'rhen goes.


Not plugging this website because it is my one but because I think it could be useful for those looking for a Welsh language experience. So, if you do choose this venue, why not leave a comment here -


I would fully support and back a re-visit to The Riverbank which was phenomenal last time!


Well…I’ll be around there between Jan 31st and Feb 4th (with main base @dee’s)
Just in case any January or February meet up dates should kinda match, I’d be happy to participate. :grin:

@Nicky, drive safely, get well and wear a helmet also in the car!


Any objections from anyone to Saturday 2nd February?

Luckily if it is in Tregaron, I won’t need to re-pass the spot where it happened. However, if you’re coming up from Dee’s house - you will have to pass it… if you look carefully on your right as you pass the house “Penygraig” in Blaenplwyf, you will see bits of my car on the side of the road, my wing mirror, a wheel trim, a windscreen wiper and possibly some more souvenirs :smiley:


That Saturday sounds perfect to me … though we may just go up through Llambed, depending on the weather. It’s a lovely drive if it’s not icy.


Oh, @dee, just when I was starting to plan an E-Bay sale:
“Original wing mirror of popular vlogger, Learner of the year finalist, Taro’r post regular guest and Heno star @Nicky’s car!” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sounds great - will try and round up the rest of the Macheteers…


Saturday 2nd February 11:00am.
The Official 13 month anniversary of “Clonc-edigion” (Because yearly birthday parties are over-rated)
The Riverside Cafe, Tregaron.
SY25 6JP.

If anyone was not there for our visit last February (has it really been that long already!) you can find Riverbank’s website here:

Croeso! Welcome to 1 sentence in Welsh - how is it going for you?

Looking forward to the Tregaron Meet Up in Feb. Pleased to hear that you are making good progress Nicky

Hwyl am y tro


Dw i’n mynd I drio make the meeting. Looking forward to meeting you all. Do I need my first aid kit? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Do I need my first aid kit?

You don’t need to - I always carry one. :laughing:


Brill, i’ll bring a brush and shovel then!


Hi everyone… I am new on the forum and got the hint that you are planning this meeting. I am staying for two months in Llanbed and so Tregaron would be quite close to me. May I join you on that day? What would I have to do? What to bring? :slight_smile: Would be lovely to be able to meet you all. Diolch yn fawr… :slight_smile: