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Clonc-edigion - The Touring Ceredigion Meet Up


I really enjoyed our latest Clonc-edigion and it was great having the company of @gisella-albertini and @Ingrid.L on the drive up through beautiful snowy scenery. There was a lot more snow about in Tregaron than in Llandysul, but the weather couldn’t have been more perfect.

The venue was great, the staff very friendly and happy to speak Welsh with us. You chose a great alternative @HuwJones, in fact I think it was probably better than the Riverside Cafe as it was smaller and more intimate but enough space for all of us.

Such a shame you couldn’t be with us @Nicky but it was great to catch up with you and @LaraRobs, albeit briefly, in Aberystwyth. @gisella-albertini met up with a fellow Italian running a place called Agnelli’s and just had to try the Torino special they were advertising there. Her opinion? … different :smile:

I like @BronwenLewis’s suggestion of Machynlleth for the March meetup. It sounds ideal to me!


I like @BronwenLewis’s suggestion of Machynlleth for the March meetup. It sounds ideal to me!

I also second (or third) Bronwen’s suggestion , especially because it coincides with the folk festival.
Sadly I shall not be able to make it, however. I’ll be attending a Jones/Gravelle family reunion on the weekend of Gwyl Dewi Sant. :disappointed:

I hope there’ll be another MachClonc before too long, though.


Diolch Dee from Macky haha. :sunglasses:


I hope you’ve recovered from your cold. I’ve discovered that I did know at least one track by Datblygu, which they play on Radio Cymru a lot. Now, thanks to you and @gisella-albertini, I’ve discovered a few more, including the one that gisella is fluent in. I like this band!


Hollol hollol hollol…diddorol :grinning:
Amazing story and reason for learning Welsh from @gisella-albertini. Has to be one of best learning stories I’ve heard thus far.


@Macky and @Isata - proud to be a good ambassador for Welsh and Datblogyan (Datblygueg?) languages alike. :sunglasses::laughing:

Isata, was it “Hollol Hollol Hollol” also the one you’re referring to (I guess so) or the one I ended up memorizing all without even meaning to, just because I used it to learn to read? :rofl:
(That would be “Dwylo olew” - for anyone curious)


Yr ateb

Though Pop Peth is my favourite at the moment. It reminds me of parties in the 80s. (I think I only went to one, but the memory is strong! :laughing:)


What date is the MachClonc then all?

I will ensure I have 6 months at least valid on my passport in preparation for crossing the border.

If anyone needs me to print off some visa forms, I’m actually popping to Cyngor Sir Ceredigion later on today - so I’m happy to pick up a few :smiley:


Sat 2nd March, 11.00, Caffi Alys. And you’re giving the wrong impression of Mach - we’ve always been very welcoming to foreigners who learn the language. That’s ‘wan’, not ‘rwan’, or, worse, nawr’…


When you set out, don’t forget to make allowance for the tailbacks at the border control between Eglwys Fach and Derwenlas. :wink:


More than ‘wan’ is definitely beyond pale :sweat_smile:


Sadly not be able to join you, too far, especially as my ladies are due to lamb by then any time soon :frowning: Do you always have a meal? Never been so good to see the photos


Sorry we won’t see you, but the lambs must come first. I think(NIcky?) the original idea might have been ‘panad a sgwrs’, but with people coming long distances, and an 11.00 start, the talk just seems to flow seamlessly through lunch!


Def need strong coffee if I’ll ever make that one, Google map says 1 hr 20 mins. Takes me nearly an hour to Aber! A siarad……hm…:zipper_mouth_face:


Indeed. After the second one at Tregaron (first time there) we had a bit of a 1st hour: coffee and chat, 2nd hour: anyone who fancied staying could stay and grab some food there and then. Some people left half way through for other commitments, some stayed and had a bite to eat - and this has kind of been the “informal” way its happened since at most Cloncs :smiley:


For a moment, I thought you were referring to one of the loveliest topics we discussed at the Clonc while eating, along with the toilet brush thing (but that other one was courtesy of @HuwJones -who actually started it all, didn’t he?) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

p.s. I’m really sorry not to be there for next Clonc. And I might have even got the chance to chat with Michael Williams, maybe? :smiley:


I won’t be coming to Machynleth next Saturday as I had planned. My husband is now out of hospital and making a slow and steady recovery. I also realize a busy weekend is planned in Cardigan next weekend.
There is a parade for Welsh speakers ending in the Castle on Friday. There is a Volunteers meeting at the castle on Sat. a.m, a brass band concert in the castle in the evening and a Harp concert on Sunday afternoon.
So as a Volunteer I am pleased to help.
Cofion cynnes I bawb. will look out for next month’s Meet Up.
Hwyl nawr


Have a good Clonc everyone. Lots going home in Pembs as it’s St David’s weekend even a bore coffi in walking distance from my house so I will miss this one. See you all next time hopefully. :+1:


Passport control will be in place just outside Cletwr cafe on the A487.

Could all Ceredigion/other residents please ensure they have their passports, council tax bills and a recent utility bill ready for inspection as we take Cloncedigion out of Ceredigion for the first time ever! :smiley:

(I am of course joking… you just need your passports)


As I mentioned earlier, I shall be in London over Saint Dai’s weekend. I’ll be meeting two of my cousins who went to Welsh-speaking schools in Cardiff, so they have their very own Cardiff school twang. They are both fluent expats (one living in Llundain, one in Bryste). I’ll also be meeting my daughters, grandson and American daughter-in-law so we should have some excellent craic/hwyl as, I hope, will my cloncing friends in Mach. :smile:

@Nicky: Passport control will be in place just outside Cletwr cafe on the A487.

I still hope there might be some last-minute negotiations and all this may not be necessary. :laughing: