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Clonc-edigion - The Touring Ceredigion Meet Up


I have been investigating the possibility of hiring a van and smuggling everyone over the border by going over the mountain road…

…updates to follow :stuck_out_tongue:

Will miss you! But good to see you are spreading the good word!


The resistance will meet you. We’ve infiltrated the border guards. Don’t forget to dress like locals and disguise your accents. Over and out.


by going over the mountain road…

Ooh, are you sure? :worried: This was, and probably still is a notorious bandit road!


Shhh! That’s my patch. You’ll put people off coming.


I must ask if this is used commonly :hushed::four_leaf_clover:


Nope - just in Ireland and Wales and then only one at a time :smile:


Sorry to fellow Clonc’ers.

I’ve only just realised I’ve got a tutorial on my Open Uni at 11am this morning, so I’m not going to be able to make it today. I didn’t remember until the Google Calendar invite popped up today! So gutted.


We’ll miss you!


Merched Machynlleth had a great time this morning - one brave man did turn up, but he excused himself after a few awed minutes in the presence of 9 feisty women. Normal service may be resumed next month with Nicky back in charge - sorry you couldn’t make it, Nicky, Huw and Macky, but to be honest, you might have felt just a bit intimidated… I really enjoyed meeting @aliC, @Tricia (hope this is the right Tricia!) and @lornarhodes (right way up) for the first time! Looking forward to next month’s Clonc now.


It was lovely to get there for the first time. It’s so lovely to be with people to understand that the struggle/pain is part of the learning and don’t try and turn back to English at the earliest opportunity.


Lovely renewing acquaintances and meeting people for the first time. Isn’t it wonderful the varied conversations you can have with tipyn bach of Welsh.:blush:


I’m sorry I didn’t make it to the Cloncedigion today. We actually drove through Machynlleth this morning. We have just had a week’s “holiday” in Aberystwyth, but as we were exploring locations and taking photos for my husband’s geology book, I ended the week pretty much tired out and just wanted to get home. I hope you all had a good meeting and I hope to make it some other time when you venture towards the northernmost end of your territory.


I live near Llandysul. How do I find out when you are in the area for a meet up?


Watch this space, Celia! Machynlleth was a one-off, so we’ll back to Ceredigion next month. Nicky (Mr Clonc) will, I’m sure, be discussing dates and places for the next meet-up before long, and it will be great to meet you then.


It was so lovely to meet more members of my SSiW family and to finally be able to visualise you as something other than a picau ar y maen, Bronwen!!
The croeso was cynnes iawn wrth pawb! Diolch.


As @BronwenLewis mentioned, we post information about each Clonc-edigion meetup here, but I also put it in the newsletter when we’ve decided on a date and location.


We did miss all the men … especially later in the evening when the dancing started! I was looking forward to seeing your moves on the dance floor @HuwJones. Looks like I’ll have to wait for the Parti Penblwydd :smile:


When I took to the floor shortly after meeting Maureen 40 years ago to show her my best moves, she laughed. I have never danced since. Just think of what could have been. :disappointed:


I, for one, will never call him Nicky again.


Time to start thinking about the next meet up? Anyone have any ideas?