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Clonc-edigion - The Touring Ceredigion Meet Up


I’ve got a few in mind, but are there are big obvious ones/big obvious towns/villages that we’ve missed or haven’t hit yet?


Following our North - South alternating, how about Llandysul?
(Anybody speak Welsh there? :wink:)
I’ve visited Gwesty’r Porth several times from Bootcamp and I had a lovely meal with Cat Dafydd in an Eidalegymraeg restaurant / deli - Buon Appetito.
Like Mach, it’s another frontier town. :smile:


I’ve heard a rumour that we’re soon to get a new cafe in Llandysul, so it might be worth waiting for that. Buon Appetito we tried before, but it’s very popular and busy on a Saturday so it was difficult for us to hear ourselves think.


Dee you mentioned the welsh speaking meetings at the mustard seed in Lampeter before. is that back rom any good? I used to go to the café as the meals are nice, simple and not too expensive


Llandysul is always a goodie! Bit close to the Carmarthen border but still lovely :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m wondering if we should make it Aber again on 6th April and take advantage of these events happening at the Llyfrgell Genedlaethol?


Syniad gwych / great idea. We might bump into number one son. :smile:
Cafe Pen Dinas within the Library is open 10:00 to 16:00 on Saturdays.
Parking fee is reimbursed if you buy something from the Cafe or Library Shop.


The Library would make a good shout as it would mean anyone wanting to go any of the event would be “On-site” as it were.


I would be interested in that. After a hectic few weeks, April is looking quite calm, so if you don’t mind interlopers from Gwynedd, I’ll try to make it. :smile:


Bear in mind that Dyfi Junction will be on the way…


Is this now confirmed? If so,can I suggest 11:00 am in Cafe Pen Dinas in the library on Sat 6th April? :smile:


With Huws arrival I believe this is as official as official can be!


I’ll make it even more official by putting it in tomorrow’s newsletter, and I hope you’ll be able to join us this time @Nicky!


And to make it even more officialer, I’ve arranged for an official employee of LlGC/NLW to join us. :laughing:


I hope you got properly chad for that one :rofl:


Aww, I’d like to attend ond the middle child has ballet at the art centre… unless I can get the other half to take her?


Looking forward to this tomorrow!


I am able to come after all. So will see you in the Library tomorrow at 11 a.m
Hwyl am y tro


Have a great day in Aber! Sadly I’m not going to be able to make it. I was out more than usual during the week and there are things with deadlines that I must get done over the weekend. :slightly_frowning_face:


How do I get alerts for these meet-ups? I only saw this by chance this morning so too late for me. I live in Carmarthenshire but bordering Llandysul so can still travel a bit into Ceredigion.
I was at the ‘re-generation’ meeting at the Tysul Hall, Llandysul on Thursday and was hoping to see a SSIW stand there but I didn’t see one??
Sadly, I wasn’t able to go to the Welsh speaker meet-up in the National Woollen Mill either. :frowning: