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Clonc-edigion - The Touring Ceredigion Meet Up


If you follow this thread, you should see the details of future meet-ups when they are posted. As you’ve replied to the thread, you should be notified of new posts.


Thanks Margarethall. I only see this when I log in on my laptop so wondering if there is a way to get an alert on my phone?


I think I may have worked it out on my phone now :hugs: gobeithio!!!


Right then all. It’s another “walk-qble” Clonc for us so we are about to attack Penglais Hill!


Hi! I wish I had read through this ( yes, all 464 posts) on Friday, so I could have met you all yesterday . Is it possible to join you another time please?


Wrth cwrs / of course - you will be welcome. :smile:
We meet on Saturdays about once a month.
Keep checking this thread
I’m told there is also a “WynebLlyfr” Group :laughing:


I have to admit that I’ve been quete “lax” with the Facebook group but I will give the proper attention for the next one! :slight_smile:


I really enjoyed meeting old young friends again with the added incentive of the Welsh Learners event. The only slight problem was the configuration of the tables in Cafe Pen Dinas which meant that I didn’t get a chance to chat with everyone so, allow me to say “Sh.mae @dee. Sh’mae’r pethau?” :smile:

My son, Chris, joined us but he was on call and was briefly drawn away to deal with a hot server which leads me to wonder what that is in Welsh. I’m guessing “cyfrifiadur gwas boeth”. Any other suggestions?


The app Cysgeir suggests “gweinydd” for a computer server. It’s a masculine noun, so “Gweinydd poeth” perhaps?


Diolch Margaret. Based on the act that Maureen used to be a Gweinyddydd Adran / Department Administrator, I suspect that others with better nerd qualifications than mine may question whether a server (passive) has an admiistrator (active) role. I’m still leaning towards some variant of gwas. :smile:
This could run and run, so I’m standing by to shift it to its own topic. :laughing:


Diolch Huw, gobeithio bydda i’n gallu dod i gyfarfod mis nesa. Is rhe WynebLLlyfr Aberystwyth?


I don’t use Facebook or any other social medium myself. @Nicky, the originator of Clonc-edigion and maintainer of the Facebook page, refers to it a few posts up. He should be able to answer your question.
I do know that Clonc-edigion draws people from all over Ceredigion and beyond (including Italy, Germany - even Gogledd Cymru :laughing:)


Yes, that was a shame. Next meetup we’ll have to sit next to each other to make up for it :wink:


Hi Suki,

No - anyone can join, if you request to join, any of us can approve the application.

Its useful for creating the events, which helps me keep track of when we’re meeting, plus it helps make friends on Facebook with people you may have met at the last one :smiley:


There was a bit of a “let’s go south next time” request going around the Cafe on Saturday, it was after all… the will of the people.

Those in favour say “I”, and those against?, division… clear the lobby!

Any preferences?


If you mean south Ceredigion including Cardigan or Llandysul, Aberporth (at a pinch), I would hope to go.


Can we have several non-binding indicative votes? :imp:


Order, order! I’m completely flexible, as long as you don’t cross my red lines.


Nowhere south of the Teifi then? :smile:

I was thinking about places in south Ceredigion that we haven’t been yet on my drive back down on Saturday, and there are quite a few, e.g. Aberporth, Ceinewydd, Penbryn, Gwbert, Ffostrasol … but it would be good if we could pick somewhere where the staff speak Welsh and there’s enough room for us to sit comfortably together. Does anyone have any suggestions? I could do a little reconnoitre :slight_smile:


The Cliff Spa Hotel at Gwbert has a big separate bar area??