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Clonc-edigion - The Touring Ceredigion Meet Up


I remember walking to the Plwmp Tart near Penbryn Beach from a Tresaith bootcamp and enjoying the food and tea but I can’t remember if it was a Cymrophone environment.
Penbryn is my “ancestral seat” by the way - and @Iestyn’ s , I think - in fact, we’re almost certainly related. :grin:


I vaguely remember reading somewhere that it wasn’t, but that was a while ago. I’ve sent them a polite enquiry through Facebook to find out.


There’s a bwtcamp from Sat 11th May to Sat 18th May isn’t there?

Would it be worth tacking onto the final Saturday if we’re doing anything near Tresaith :D?


That worked well last time we did it. Some bwtcampers might want to head off home quickly, but if a few want to stay and join in that would be great. We were in Cafe Emlyn at Tan-y-Groes last time I remember, but we could try the Ship, or the Plwmp Tart … if they ever get back to me.


Good idea, but I could only manage 11th May. Meeting up with daughter and her wife on 18th. :smile:


Will it def be 11th? Moving back home that day, could do 18th if I get plenty of warning :slight_smile:


I think it would have to be the 18th, Sabine. Bootcamps don’t start until the evening of the first Saturday. And I think a lot of bootcampers wouldn’t have the confidence to join in a chat at the beginning of the week, but hopefully, there will be no stopping them by the end!


Thanks Bronwen. Need to know for def, or can’t book dog walker to let my dog out. Got to pay strait away and not refundable. I am only on week 15 so not much siarad from my end!!! More a finally meeting some folks, specially Dee, seemed to have “known” her for ages but never met, yet only 15 mins away from each other :slight_smile:


Sorry, I won’t be able to make either of those dates. May is turning into an extremely busy month for me with family visiting from Australia, bwtcamp, and quite a few intensive tutorial days in Cardiff!


:sob: I’ll meet you one day!!! Pop round to my “escape” house now, bored! Yes done some Welsh, more later…


We’ll have to meet up somewhere halfway for a coffee and chat one day … Newcastle Emlyn perhaps?


:laughing: half way be Pren-gwyn


Apologies, just had a look at my diary, 18th is spring show weekend, so I def can’t do either of those two Saturdays :frowning:


@Nicky Can you set up one of your “poll” thingies to canvas votes for dates (including 4th May?) and venue? Diolch


First one then… which date(s) work for you? (Closing date…say Monday 29th April). Venue to be decided after date.

Feel free to choose as many, or as few as you can do!

  • Sat 4th May
  • Sat 11th May
  • Sat 18th May

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4th and 18th works for me


Please can you click the 4th and 18th on Nicky’s poll, then?
It’ls an easy way of showing what dates suit most people. :smile:
(Looks as though 4th May is good for both of us :smile:)


Voted 4th but depends on where if I can make it. Sorry being a pain but in rented place and need to drive to my farm to see to the animals…


Sorry, my May is totally booked out on Saturdays. I’ll just have to catch up with as many of you as possible in Caernarfon for the party.


Info from a new SSiWer living in Ceinewydd that you might like to consider for the May meetup:

There are several cafes you could try. The quieter ones would probably be either Bosun’s Café or The Sup Shack. There is also The Bluebell but that does tend to get quite busy and the tourist information office is currently being turned into a cafe.