Clonc-edigion - The Touring Ceredigion Meet Up


I’m still trying to shake off this cold/flu but will check out the cafe as soon as I’m better (which I hope will be before the party :worried: )


Right then everyone, we’ve had time to recover from the Urdd/the party/the lurgy :slight_smile:

What about Saturday 1st July, Siop y Bont in Pontrhydfendigaid (aka BONT!) as per Huw’s suggestion?

All those in favour, lift your left hand - do a turn and shout “YDW!”

All those against, lift your right hand, do 10 pressups and shout “NO WAY!”


Caution! I’m still poorly and haven’t yet been able to check out Siop y Bont (please see my earlier reservations about capacity or whether the cafe even still exists in the shop) but if you or anyone else know it’s suitable and available, the date and time you suggest are ideal for me.

I hope to be able to get into Bont tomorrow and will report back then.


Saturday 30th June? Saturday 7th July? Neither of which date I can make, but just aware that the date you have given isn’t in a diary for this year.


This is a very good point.

I don’t know what calender I was looking at!

Sat 30th June :slight_smile:


Hi Huw

Given the lower attendance at the last one I was debating whether it was needed to book a table or two or even just turn up on the day.

But I’ll leave that call with you :slight_smile:


Sorry for my silence and absence from the cloncs. I’ve had a lot booked into weekends lately, and as my partner and I spend weekdays apart, I’ve started to book time at home into my diary!

30th June is good for me though, so I’m shouting YDW!


This may be so, but did you do a turn as requested. :slight_smile:

Look forward to seeing you soon!


One other thing you might like to consider - June 30th is the last day of bwtcamp. I don’t know if you fancy doing a repeat of Tan-y-groes as that was a very successful meetup.

The July bwtcamp is looking a bit doubtful, so there may not be another opportunity until September.


Ooh, I like when Dee brings a plan to the board.

Would the pub in Tresaith be open for coffees at that time? I’m just trying to think about knocking off a new place - even though the difference is only a mile, a new town/place would be grand - might also be more convenient as you’ll already be in Tresaith?

I know Heledd owns the cafe on the beach - which would be an obvious choice, but I believe they’ve only got terrace/back garden seating - which could sting us in the event of bad weather.


I’m pretty sure it is. It does get packed in the summer though. We may have to reserve a table, unless the weather is nice and we could sit outside.

You’re right about the café - only a small terrace out the back, not a lot of room and no good if it’s raining.


My daughter-in-law kindly went to Siop y Bont for me today and confirmed my suspicion that they have replaced the cafe area with freezers (I can’t blame them) and only do takeaway coffee now.

She tells me, however, that a cafe has recently reopened in Tregaron (not the excellent Riverside cafe) which we could keep in mind for a future meet.

If there are only 8 or fewer of us, I’d be happy to host a clonc in our home in Ystrad Meurig and might even russle up some of my famous bara brith (the middle class version where I soak the fruit in Earl Grey tea :laughing: )

For June/July, though, I’m happy with any of the dates suggested or the venues of Tresaith or Tan y Groes.


Wow, an Ystrad Meurig home Clonc! This sounds almost too good to turn down :slight_smile:

What about then…

June 30th: Tresaith or Tanygroes - Exact venue to be decided.
End of July: Ystrad Meurig!!!


You’ll be welcome in Plas Huw & Maureen at the end of July but we can only handle up to 8. :slight_smile:
(Note to self - break the news to M :laughing: )


And home made bara brith! I might do a turn for that!


I won’t be around at the end of July, so that’s one person fewer, @HuwJones :smile:

I’m off to an international Esperanto conference in Lisbon for a few days, then back to Caerdydd for the Eisteddfod.


Kia domaĝo :smile:


Tresaith? Now you’re talking.

And if there’s no room for me at Plas Huw a Maureen, could I politely request a takeaway of posh bara brith courtesy of Isata?


I’m fully expecting you be there, but if not, I’ll stash a few slices in my bag when no-one’s looking!


No stashing or other subterfuge will be necessary. :smile: I shall be more than happy to wrap up a slice for Bronwen.

I am keen that the physical limits of our home does not exclude anyone from the end of July Clonc. I only put forward the idea because our last meet was down to a select four.

If it appears the week before that more than 8 people want to come, I shall propose that we go back to the excellent Riverside cafe or try the newly opened Hungry Goose (which I have still to check out) in Tregaron.

In that case, I shall secrete slices of Bara Brith Posh about my person and slide them surreptitiously under the table to anyone who wants a piece. :smile: