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Clwb Cardiau Post Cymraeg - Blwyddyn Newydd Dda ! 2021 Why not join the postcard club 🎉


Ha! @jenny-5 I didn’t realise that you were on the list. I will send you a card :slight_smile:


Received two more postcards today - from Porthcawl and Berlin! Diolch yn fawr Caz & Stefan! :smiley:


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Anfonwyd chwe cherdyn post arall o fy nhref enedigol, Llandrillo-yn-Rhos. dau i Unol Daleithiau America, dau i Gymru a dau i Loegr.


Wow, I’ve had a few postcards all at once and I’m so behind with replying and I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned and thanked the people who’ve sent them. I think I’m going to run out of postcards


I’ve made a chart showing who I’ve received cards from, to whom I’ve replied and to whom I’ve sent cards. I too might be running out of cards.


I’ve been printing my own with a Welsh theme on card like my sunrise picture of Llandrillo-yn-Rhos / Rhos-on-Sea harbour in post 403.


I was shown one of these today on a hangout. :slight_smile: It arrived in Droitwich very quick. Oedd Neil yn hapus iawn @cwrtogwen-bythesea


Continuing the discussion from Post Something in Welsh - a new postcard club .Over 100 members now! :tada::

What’s a hangout ?


Diolch am y cardiau a dderbyniwyd # 92 Alison o Llanmadoc, # 102 Marcus (yr holl ffordd o Goa) a # 81 David o Southam

Twitter @andymwoolley (ar adegau yn Gymraeg)


Diolch Gareth & Bronwen! :smiley:


@cwrtogwen-bythesea, hangouts are for people doing the 6 minute a day or 6 months course.
Have you joined the WSP yet? That gives people a chance to meet up online as well,.and we’ll be having an online Parti Nadolig Clwb Cardiau Post in December on the WSP ( Karen’s idea) :smile:


Sh’mae Nia, Beth yw WSP?


Dyma dri cherdyn yn mynd i America o Iwerddon


Diolch Gareth, can I post these on the facebook page, it’s quite quiet these day. Diolch i ti
@gareth-mitchell , WSP is the Welsh Speaking Practice. Everyone who’s in the club should have been invited to it by now :slight_smile:


You sure can. Croeso!


Looks like I’m still in Dublin for another week so I bought some cards from local artists and these are off to England and Wales.


Ydy hi’n braf yn Nulyn @gareth-mitchell?
Diolch am y llun


Ydy, dw i’n hoffi Dulyn! D:sunglasses:w i wedi bod yn dod yma ers 6 blynedd felly mae’n rhaid i mi ei hoffi.


For anyone who’s not sure whether they want to join Welsh Speaking Practice (WSP) here’s a great recommendation!


Thank you Marcus (102), Mike (89), @Cetra and @nia.llywelyn for your wonderful cards!
I’ll have to move or take down one of my pictures soon to make room on my wall for the new postcards :love_letter: