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Clwb Cardiau Post Cymraeg - Post Something in Welsh! 🎉


Since I hadn’t taken a picture of the first, here’s the second one. And vintage, this time! :smiley:


I received my first postcard. Brilliant - but not as I expected. Although I am a well into level 2 now, I recognised literally TWO words. Disappointment until I did a Google translate (blasphemy, eh?). Spurred on to work out what it said, and then reply, I have just learnt loads. So, syniad da, and here’s to postcard no. 2!!


Can you send us the latest list?


The new list will be sent out to everybody this Friday as one e-mail.
We hope to have reached a 100 members by then :trophy:


Wow that’s awesome, diolch
I put it in my calendar to send a postcard every 2 weeks… is that ok?


I Lle tybed? :man_shrugging:
To where I wonder?:man_shrugging:


Random number.
And, accidentally, the only guy in the list I’ve met in person.

Felly…ti’n mynd i ffindio mas, dw i’n meddwl! :smile:


Yes, there’s no limit. Sounds good :slight_smile:




I went for a walk the other morning and was listening to Tudur Owen on Radio Cymru and they mentioned Post Something in welsh!! I was soo excited!


Shw mae pawb! How do I get on the list?


Shwmae @ericmunro Just send a quick email to and she’ll add you to the list. You’ll get an email with instructions on Friday. :slight_smile:


diolch Sasha! Newydd anfon e-bost iddi :slight_smile:


Don’t worry Amanda, your card was lovely thanks. I was a bit puzzled by the stuff about the festival. I believe it’s a music festival though. Your Cymraeg is very much advanced when compared to mine. I’ve only been learning for a few months. I’ll send one to the No. 39 person. Think I might work back up through the list when I’m somewhere new, so you
should get one from me at some point.
Pop hwyl, Gareth


Dw i’n edrych mlaen i ti gael carden fi yn y post.
Looking forward to you receiving mine in the post @clare-s-simmons #first30member


Mark Hoar is our 100th member, give him a :clap::clap: everybody :heart:


I can’t remember what I wrote now. But thank you. Sometimes you don’t realise that you’re making progress until you get a complement :grinning:


Home-produced postcard leaving Llanidloes in the direction of Bae Colwyn.


@robbruce Mae hwnna’n edrych yn anhygoel ! Looks amazing.I won’t put it on Clwb Cardiau Post facebook page yet as it will spoil the surprise :smile:


Bought mine today…looking forward to popping one in the post :blush: