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Clwb Cardiau Post Cymraeg - Post Something in Welsh! 🎉


I have imported some info on a spreadsheet to help me keep track of what I’m doing:

If you’d like a copy, send me your e-mail in a private message and I’ll send it to you (or I can send it to @nia.llywelyn who can share it to anyone interested, unless she and Aled have one with full details already!)


Do your thing, little cards :slightly_smiling_face:


I was thinking that every month a random number either up or down the list could be chosen,eg. Send to the 23rd person up the list from you or the 48th person down the list etc (Yes I know you’ll have to count lol) ensuring that everyone in the Club would get at least one card per month. If anyone wished to send more then of course that could be a random & purely personal thing. Just my four penneth worth.


Diolch Aled #71 for your card. I laughed, thank goodnessthe dogs didn’t eat it…phew!!


Beth sy’n digwydd yma?! Dw i angen prynu stampiau post yfory. Pwy fydd yn lwcus?!


Wow, fi gobeithio @Cetra :black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿:tada::heart::postbox::love_letter:
Are you happy that I post something on the facebook page, clwb cardiau…saying something like Mae Cetra’n barod i ddweud Shw mae wrth rai pobl wythnos ma. ?


Oh yes!! :slight_smile:


I received @AddiT’s card in the post this weekend! Diolch yn fawr! I understood it, too, which made me feel pretty good.


Well I appreciated mine Rob - unless there are two Rob Bruce’s on here? It arrived on the 5th - was very excited - and with all the chaos happening here, it cheered me up too :slight_smile:

It’s also expanded my Welsh…


I think @nia.llywelyn and @AledRoberts are confused!! As according to my list, Aled is #4 and Nia #71… But if Aled has called himself #71 on yours, that’s Nia - and on mine, Nia has called herself #41 - which my list says is Donna. Unless there’s a whole variety of differently numbered lists?

Lovely card @nia.llywelyn - I got it Thursday, which cheered me immensly - but was also having lounge going into storage, so didn’t come on line. Very much appreciated though :slight_smile:


Condensed version of my earlier post (plus extra bit!)…

If we always send our next postcard to the next numbered person on the list, and keep on going through the numbers, everyone should be getting postcards. If new people are added onto the end of the list, so long as they follow the same idea, with the last person on the list sending to number 1, everyone should keep getting postcards.

The random numbers system should work too - just sounds more complicated (I work with kids, so am used to not everyone having the same concept when counting on more than one forward or back!!! :] )

Once we’ve sent one by ‘the system’, there’s nothing to stop us sending extra postcards to people we just fancy posting one to. :slightly_smiling_face: :fireworks::


I think I will get in a complete mess if I start sending cards randomly! :rofl:

As I was in the first cohort and I was the last to join (I’m No 55), I sent my first card to No 1 on the list. I will send to the next on the list (56) this week, but then I plan to simply work through in number order, so 2,3,4, etc. - keeping it simple! I think one per week/fortnight would be about right for me to send. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve called myself #71 @ann-6 apologies if my handwriting is bad !

I must tell Aled not to call himself me :joy:, he’s #4


Right now I’ve re-read my card I can see it’s from @nia.llywelyn and not Aled lol
Diolch Nia, the last line says Joc Aled (about the dogs) which threw me off course, I can now see your name in the corner. Sorry for the mix up. Dw i’n twp!!!


Glad to hear it! I’m surprised my grammar wasn’t so atrocious you couldn’t tell what I was trying to say. :sweat_smile:


Very easily understandable :smile:. My English mother-in-law really liked the card but couldn’t understand the Welsh. She’s out visiting us at the moment. She lives near Durham.


I received my first post card today - from Essen, Yr Almaen! Hapus iawn! :smiley:


They are on their way! :slight_smile:


Yeeeh, got my first two cards - from Aled and one from Fiona (not sure she’s in the forum).
She’s 2 numbers before me, but right above me in the page/list.
Which makes me wonder if it was sent to me because she sent more than one, or #16 will not get any! :grinning:

Quite peculiar also because on Friday I had picked 3 random numbers to send postcards this month, and first one… happened to be her! :open_mouth:
Looks like randomness may be less random than I thought. :thinking:


Nigel talking about Clwb Cardiau Post on YouTube