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Clwb Cardiau Post Cymraeg - Post Something in Welsh! πŸŽ‰


I was catching the bws to work, bag of food, umbrella etc. Does dim gyda fi blant :joy: had to think what you meant for a sec forgot what I wrote


Another great supplier. The Woodcraft gift shop in Beddgelert.

Also, I cant find the topic about placed to speak Welsh. So adding Beddgellert. Although not initially Welsh sounding due to the need to welcome tourists, I found that the shop and also the cafe garden were well into chatting in Welsh. And their prices were very reasonable for a tourist location.


And very lovely they are too Cetra. I just posted my first two today! Sorry it’s taken me so long :hugs:


Diolch Jane, Cyrhaeddodd y cerdyn β€˜hwyl’ yn ddiogel. Hwyl!


Newyddion gwych- diolch :slight_smile:


I’ve received two more lovely cards. Diolch. It’s amazing how exciting getting and reading postcards can be. I’ve replied to them, and sent two more to overseas members. Llawer o hwyl !


The postcards have started arriving and now each time the postman comes I eagerly await another one!


Cerdyn cyntaf bore 'ma :slight_smile: Diolch Sue 67


@nia.llywelyn Dy cerdyn wedi cyraedd heddiw. Diolch yn fawr iawn


Twitter (weithiau yn Gymraeg) @andymwoolley


Diolch Ann #83 am dy cerdyn cyntaf! :slight_smile:


Another three going out today. That gets me caught up with replies. Now on to the next person on my list…


Oh…I forgot to say a big β€œDiolch” to @BronwenLewis for her lovely postcard that came this past weekend.


Daeth dau arall heddiw! Hapus iawn! :blush: Diolch yn fawr Amanda (Powys) a Wendy (Awstralia). Byddaf yn ateb yn fuan!


Hi Nia,
I did not receive an e-mail with the names on Friday. Are we all supposed to get the list every Friday? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I thinks it’s once a month @annmoore. But if I’m sending one a month, and replying to any I get, it’s already gong to take me 8 years to get through the names I already have!


Hi Ann - I got the first list OK, but the second one (no idea why!) went straight into my junk folder. I only thought to look there when everyone on the forum started talking about the β€œnew” list, but I hadn’t had an email - so it’s worth checking your junk emails, if you’ve subscribed yet have had nothing. xx


It noted in the last e-mail that they are sent out every month from now on @Jackie @annmoore.

The next e-mail now will be sent out on the 8th of November.
Every new member is told about this date.
Hope to get up to 150 members by then :postbox::outbox_tray::mailbox_with_no_mail:

December e-mail will be sent out on the 13th of December ( second Friday every month) :smile:


Here goes my next batch


Diolch @gareth-mitchell. Are you happy I put the photo on the facebook page? Clwb Cardiau Post.