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Clwb Cardiau Post Cymraeg - Post Something in Welsh! 🎉


Dydw i ddim yn han Facebook Nia, ond dim problem. If I’d have known I would’ve tried to frame the picture better :slight_smile:


What exactly is this?


A group of us sending real postcards to each other the old way to practice our Welsh. Ive tagged @nia.llywelyn who will probably get back to you with details in the week. :smiley:


Doesn’t matter. I won’t use it, diolch @gareth-mitchell :slight_smile:


The postcard club is simply a large group of people sending poscards to each other, being a mixture of welsh learners and welsh speakers, but mainly welsh learners at present. It’s an opportunity to continue doing things in Welsh and it’s a way of sharing information and get people closer together.

E-mails are sent out monthly, with names of new & existing members.
It’s been running for over a month now. The Clwb Cardiau Post ‘Post Something in Welsh’ is going from strength to strength and it’s good fun.
I hope this can persuade you to become a member @Cilgwri :slight_smile:


It sounds a very interesting concept. 150 members and growing - it’s clearly successful. I’m not sure that I have the funds or the time to buy and send 150 postcards each month, quite apart from reading and understanding the 150 incoming ones. Unless there’s some sort of rota system in use


Hi Cilgwri - you won’t need to send 150 per month! You send to the next person on the list (so, if you are No 152, you send to 153) and then, after that, you can send to anyone you want, as often as you want. There was a suggestion that we send 6 a month - but that was just a suggestion - you could send less than that.

I sent to the next person on the list and then I started working through the list from the top - so 1,2,3,4, etc. I’ve also received cards from various people who are sending random cards, and I always reply to any I receive. It’s a fun way to practice reading and writing Welsh, and a great way to be in touch with new people and find out about other places in the world.

Hope that helps xx


@Cilgwri In the first e-mail sent out it was recommended you send out at least one postcard that month. *See above for postcard rules ( and noted you should send to the next one on the list)
In the second e-mail we suggested you send up to six a month.
Some people stuck to the system of sending to the next ones on the list.
Third e-mail will be out next Friday


@Jackie I sent 17 over the weekend ! I’ve started to get hooked :smile: one’s coming your way


Helo. Diolch am hwnna. Dw i’n meddwl bod mae’n diddorol iawn. Dwi’n meddwl trio syniad da hwn


Seriously though I don’t have a problem with that. I need to post a couple to overseas addresses. I’ll take another pic and try yo get in it this time.


Diolch @gareth-mitchell


Just received my first postcard from Canada. Thanks Sue, beautiful card.

Hope the one I sent has been received.


I’ve been sending one every week but have received only one. I think it’s because I’m overseas and it’s more expensive to send.


Can’t resist a plea like that, @SusanDavies!




I love the idea of sending post cards so I’ll definitely join at some point. My question is what’s the minimal level of Welsh needed to participate efficiently? I’m just starting out and fedra’ i ddim dweud beth dw i eisiau dweud yn y Gymraeg hyd yn hyn.


6 more sent today. Next batch will be my overseas batch (I had a book of UK stamps I wanted to use up before buying more)


you’ve surpassed the minimum right there :slight_smile:


Well I’m not efficient at all, inffact I’m sorry if it’s taking me quite a while to respond to everyone and write a few extra postcards too! :slightly_frowning_face:

My written Welsh it just tragic it takes me half an hour just to put together a handful of sentences (that HOPEFULLY people will understand, but still can’t be too sure now). :roll_eyes:

However this is helping me to learn, and in worst case, I hope people will appreciate seeing the photo on the card at least! :rofl: