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Clwb Cardiau Post Cymraeg - Post Something in Welsh! 🎉


Why not start now @Irina. You only need a few sentences on a postcard and everybody enjoys receiving them…and the best thing for me it’s a discussion topic on hangouts :slight_smile:
I’ve noticed that I tend to start every sentence with ‘gobeithio’…which means ‘I hope’

We can go over some structures on hangout if you like but as @AnthonyCusack said, you’re well equiped already :slight_smile:



Diolch Cath, I’m going to frame this. I love it.


I’ve received 7 postcards so far, including this lovely bear from Canada. I’ve sent more, including @SusanDavies and replied to the ones I’ve received. It’s all great fun.


Woo hoo!!! Postcards!!! Diolch


@AnthonyCusack, @gisella-albertini, @nia.llywelyn,
thank you so much for your encouragement! I’ll sign up right away and start pestering unsuspecting victims with my broken Welsh soon!


We look forward to hearing from you!


You are welcome Jen! No I have not got yours yet but Canada Post is very slow and I live in the back of beyond! How would you say that in Welsh? Y Gwyll?


I would like to add that I have had so much fun finding postcards here on the “Coast”. They are generally only in the touristy areas but I have been going to all the small shops and letting people know what I am doing. So far I have found one woman learning Irish, one learning Danish and at the last shop they made me teach everyone in the shop the Welsh for “Hello and Goodbye” before I could leave. (Its a very rural area here and people seem genuinely interested.) One postmistress was insistent that I find cards from the Sunshine Coast and not just Canadian ones! Thank you to @aled-roberts #4, mike #89, sue #86 for your lovely cards and words of encouragement! Replies on their way to you!


Sorry I haven’t had chance to send one to you yet. I sent one to someone before I had yours but wasn’t sure if they had it.


Hello. I have only sent one postcard out but intend to send more very soon. I have just returned from Nepal and still trting to get my head together.


You have a rather special stamp @Jackie. Where did you get it? Diolch am y cerdyn post :slight_smile:


Sorry, Nia - I thought you were asking me where I had posted it! I bought several of these in a gift shop in Tenby, last summer. I tend to buy pretty/useful cards, postcards, etc, whenever I see them, because if I wait until I actually need a card/postcard, I can never seem to find anything I really like. I’m working through my stash rather quickly now though! :rofl:


I was asking about the stamp. Where did you buy that @Jackie? Or is it the post office’s stamp?
Diolch am y gerdyn bost :slight_smile:


It is part of the actual postcard, Nia. It looks like it has been stamped on after posting, but it is already on the card. xx


Can anyone join? I’m in Australia.


I had another postcard :grin: need to find time to sit down and reply now. Diolch Bethan.
I have to admit to using goggle translate mostly to read them enjoying getting them


Of course @kirsty-5 :slight_smile:
Send your address to and you’ll be included in next Friday’s e-mail :slight_smile:


Dyma ni’n mynd eto


Just had more cards, one is a beautiful hand made one and the otherwise come from India no less. :smiley:


Wonderful news, Meinir Gwilym will be a part of Clwb Cardiau Post