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Clwb Cardiau Post Cymraeg 🎉


We’re very excited to get two enthusiastic postcard senders to help us run Post Something in Welsh, posTcard club. Steffan Cravos over in Germany and his best friend Aled Roberts who lives in Colwyn Bay.

I will be the main administrator for the Club.
With exciting times ahead waiting for the postman to arrive we hope to officially start the Club when we get 30 members on board.

Here are the Post Card Club Rules.”Post Something in Welsh”

We have your permission to send your address on e-mail to everyone in the Club. Please send me your address in full.

You will be invited to join the Welsh Speaking Practice which will be the platform to share information.

You will be expected to send at least one postcard every month

You can stop being a member at any time but please allow us time to inform everyone.

You will receive an e-mail every month with updates of new members and any exciting news.

The Welsh Speaking Practice will be the communication platform for this group although we will be hosting a facebook page to advertise the Club. You are not obliged to take part in the facebook page and we will ask for your permission if we want to use any information which is relevant to you.

We very much hope you enjoy being a part of Clwb Cardiau Cymraeg ‘Post Something in Welsh’

The fun starts here!

Welsh Speaking Penpals Project?
Welsh Music Videos and Audio Files

This definitely sounds like fun! I wonder who will get a postcard from the most exotic location. I’ll send you my address @nia.llywelyn :slight_smile:


I’m interested, count me in


This looks fantastic! My e-bost will be on it’s way to you cyn bo hir.

Also, if anyone is looking for a writing course to compliment this, @Deborah-SSi sent me some info to a course with Prifysgol Aberystwyth but unfortunately they don’t provide the course on line. However, a very helpful man called Steffan told me they do at Abertawe!

This is a course aimed at mamiaith or advanced learners who want to improve their writing skills.

It’s only £45.


I love this idea!


Sounds interesting! Email’s sent!


This sounds cool. My Welsh skills are not great, but I’d love to participate.


You only need to be able to write a few words on a postcard to start off, and as you receive them you’ll learn more and be able to write more. It’s a great way to get started! :star2:


Sounds great! Email on it’s way.


Thanks to everybody who’s responded today, we’re over half way to reaching the 30 person target ! :+1::smile::smile::star:


Email sent - looking forward to this! :star: :star2:


Admit you’re doing all this just to get us to actually use cwpl o gardiau post in everyday life! :laughing:

p.s. this summer I’ve sent my first postcard since the 90s to a Welsh friend - I guess now I can just go on. :wink:


Count me in!


I’m in !


@philipnewton and I are members of the worldwide English version of this group. He has mega numbers of cards. I’m tagging him, but I’m up for this. Count me in.


Yes, please - I’m just off to buy up every postcard in Cricieth…


Count me in!


Please count me in.


I would love to take part, although I haven’t had any lessons in written Welsh. Is that ok?


Neither have I. I’m guessing that we will just write stuff down as we think it, so it looks like we are talking rather than writing in the true sense.