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Clwb Cardiau Post Cymraeg 🎉


We’ve got it covered @ann-6 @ken :smile:


I haven’t sent any yet, but I was just going to send them as they are. Do you have any suggestions to seal them? I am very new to doing this sort of thing!


I hope you’ve all received your e-mail this month.
This will be a timetable for the AGM weekend if you’re keen to join :smile::postbox:
Timetable of events for th Clwb Cardiau Post AGM

Dydd Sadwrn

1:00pm, cwrdd yn y Llyfrgell Genedlaethol | meet up National Library

4:00pm cyf cyff yn yr Hen Lew Du | AGM at The Black Lion ( Bridge Street) bwyd | food

7:30 pm Cymdeithasu yn y dafarn | social time

Dydd Sul

10:00. Taith gerdded ar y prom & constitution hill | walk on the prom & constitution hill

12:30. Cinio a sgwrs yn Byrgyr | Cinio & chat yn Byrgyr



Sorry about delay replying @Gog - Cetra had recommended something ages ago, and having not managed to have a go yet, I’d lost my note! But I’ve found it now - she uses Zest It Cold Wax Painting Medium, which is biodegradeable and free from nasty chemicals (“Mae’n biodegradeable a dim nasty chemicals”) to waterproof her cards.

Any other advice you can give Gog on waterproofing @Cetra? You’re the one I know of with experience in this area :paintbrush:


I’m not sure what medium or paper you’re using @Gog, but @ann-6 was correct that the Zest It Cold Wax Painting Medium works really well as a waterproofing agent for watercolour and is a nice product to use without any nastiness! :slight_smile: Its designed as a medium for oil paint, but can also be put to this alternative use. Here’s where I found out about it: I recommend testing first if you’re using another medium. If you think its for you, I can send you a little sample to test with if you like, before you invest in a tub. It was about £10, I think, but one pot will probably last me forever. Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


Diolch @ann-6 and @Cetra

I’ll try it out


A weird problem has come to light - seems Huawei phones don’t always display the membership list correctly :confused: => please use something else to read it!!


I’m interested


@Ihntennis How does it work?

Everyone has a number eg #14

You’ll be expected to write at least one postcard every month but you can send as many as you want whenever you like of course.

New members will need to write their first postcard to the next person on the list. This will ensure that everyone receives a postcard.

It’s a good idea to put your membership number at the bottom of each postcard so that the receiver can identify who sent it quicker eg Aled #4.

We have a facebook page, Clwb Cardiau Post Cymraeg to draw more members into the club. Please contribute to this page if you can. Every member of the Clwb Cardiau Post will get an invite to join the Welsh Speaking Practice on Slack for the purpose of sharing information and any relevant events that might happen. You are not obliged to take part in this.(channel #postcards)

You’ll receive an e-mail every month with an updated list of members. We have now over 200 members in the club and a few Welsh Celebs! If you do need to contact us please give us your membership number as well [because we are growing fast in numbers!]

Remember, the more postcards you send - the more you’ll receive!

Have fun sending and receiving postcards.​


If we always send our first postcard each month to the next numbered person on the list, and keep on going through the numbers, everyone should keep getting postcards. New people added on to the list following the same idea, with the last person on the list sending to #1. :slight_smile:

Once that first one is sent by ‘the system’, any ‘extras’ can be sent to anyone we fancy posting a card to…
For example: if you were #58, you’d send your first card to #59. If you don’t send any others that month, the next month you’d send to #60. But if you’d actually sent cards to #59, #60 and #12 in your first month, the next month you’d send your first card to #61.

Does this make sense and seem reasonable?

Feedback appreciated - just wanting to minimise the chance of people ending up with no postcards for over a month.





I hope everybody received an e-mail today…or check your spam folder.
CLwb Cardiau Post’s AGM in Aberystwyth at the end of this month has been postponed :postbox::balloon:


Fe wnes i stopio anfon cardiau am y tro ond heddiw fe wnes i barchu Un o fy hoff gardiau hyd hyn!
Diolch yn fawr Mimi. #163


Gwych @gareth-mitchell @mimi :postbox:


How is everyone storing their cards? Mine are currently in a drawer and I feel a bit sad about that. Not sure if I should make a display of them or a postcard book? Any suggestions?


I’ve got a brick pillar in the middle of my living room (disguising a steel girder) - I tied a piece of thread around it, and have been attaching my postcards to it.


I started putting them in a photo album but it broke because the slots were too small. So the bigger ones are just in there safe


I pinned them on the wall next to my bed, but the space was very limited to begin with, so I’ll have to come up with a new space or a different idea soon.
I want to keep them “in the open” if possible, because I love to look at them and to sometimes take them down to reread them :love_letter:


Diolch yn fawr am dy gerdyn hyfryd @Gog :slight_smile:

Has made my day - and I’m very pleased to report it arrived beautifully intact too. I bet that cottage has some stories to tell…