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Clwb Cardiau Post Cymraeg 🎉


Let me know before Thursday if you want to become a member this month…


@nia.llywelyn do you have to be a SSiW paid subscriber to join the clwb cardiau post? My friend in Mwmbwls is a postcard collector and I’d love to tell her about this, if she is able to participate. She speaks some Welsh but says she is very rusty!

Also - Please can you add me to the list and send me details of what I need to do! Diolch yn fawr iawn!


Everyone is welcome in the postcard club @david-44!! :slight_smile: To join, email with your addresses. If you’re quick and do it before this Thursday, you’ll make it on to the next list! :slight_smile: (Otherwise, it will be a month until you’re both added).
It will be great way for your friend to practice her rusty Welsh too!


Diolch @Cetra, you beat me to it. The Clwb Cardiau Post is open to everybody , that’s why we have a facebook page as well to try and get more native Welsh Speakers involved. :grinning:
Looking forward to receiving your e-mail @david-44


Hello. I’m still confused about what this is about. It also asks you to provide emails - whose emails?




You give your email to be sent the list of addresses you can send a postcard to. You send one a month at least to the next person to you on the list.


Thanks Jen


Open question - would it work for everybody if we just sent the membership list out as a PDF next time, or is there anyone who would prefer it as a Word document? If you would prefer it in Word form, please can you message me - diolch yn fawr. Ann

PS. Anyone who’d like this month’s as a PDF and can’t convert it at home, we can do that too :slight_smile:


Hi @david-44 - see you made the list (if that’s you at #232) :slight_smile:

Yes, the only thing she ‘has’ to do is write her postcards in Welsh! And we have members with a huge range of abilities too - so sometimes you may read postcards you receive with ease, sometimes you may spend a lot of time with a dictionary!! But that’s great, because it extends your vocab.

(Beware - sometimes the problem is the handwriting - if you completely fail to find a word, go back to detective work :eyes: and other letters that just might be in that elusive word!)


Hello @irene-costello. This is a postcard club - we have well over 200 members all over the world now! And anyone can join - by contacting Nia at What makes it different is that you write your postcard in Welsh - hence its name, Clwb Cardiau Post Cymraeg

Your email address is not available to other members of the club, just to Nia for sending out the monthly updates. (And possibly me - I do the members address list - if I need to follow something up, Nia will pass it on).

What we do share is postal addresses, because people need them to send their cards to! And that list is shared by all club members It’s a lot of fun - do hope this message helps :slight_smile:


Hi @ann-6
I actually prefer the membership list as a PDF, because I don’t have Word on my laptop and the list tends to get sort of ripped apart in some places when I open the Word document in a different programme. :smile:


That’s really helpful to know @Camilla_Walker, though I’m sorry Word’s been giving you problems.
Would you like a PDF copy of this month’s list?


It’s fine for this month @ann-6, thank you.
I was able to open the Word document and copied down the addresses of the people I want to write to this month :smile:


Hi @ann-6 yes it’s me at #232! One question that’s been puzzling me though - we have to send a postcard to at least one person, starting with the next person on the list to us - what do you do if you are the last person on the list and there’s no ‘next’ person?! :thinking:


Send to #1 @david-44 :slight_smile:
After whenever it is that you reach the end of the list - which hopefully keeps people near the start getting postcards too.

This comes from an old post, but might be a tad clearer?
If we send our first postcard each month to the next numbered person on the list, and keep on going through the numbers, everyone should keep getting postcards. New people added on to the list follow the same idea, with the last person on the list sending to #1.

Once that first one is sent by ‘the system’, any ‘extras’ can be sent to anyone we fancy posting a card to (answering someone, a friend, going on through the list, random pin…)
For example: if you were #58, you’d send your first card to #59. If you don’t send any others that month, the next month you’d send to #60. But if you’d actually sent cards to #59, #60 and #12 in your first month, the next month you’d send your first card to #61.

Does this make sense and seem reasonable?


Ah yes, thanks @ann-6, that is much clearer now!


Diolch Postman, bydda i’n brysur heddiw :heart:




The next e-mail will be going out THIS FRIDAY…so please get in touch if you want to join :smile:


PLEASE NOTE - wrong postcode for Clare #16 last month - should have been CH7 6YU.
Apologies Clare :confused: