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Clwb Cardiau Post Cymraeg 🎉


Very little time left for anyone new to join Clwb Cardiau Post Cymraeg this month …

Members range from fairly new learners to first language Welsh speakers spread across the world; the key feature of the club is that whatever message you send on your postcard, you write it in Welsh!

The updated list will go out tomorrow, so if you want to join, please email your postal address to We’ve got nearly 250 members now…


We seem to have had some confusion recently, so a quick clarification.

The ‘new’ lists are actually updates, rather than new lists; they are also completely up-to-date. The only reason any changes within the main list, e.g. change of address, are noted in the email, is so that people who like to print out the list don’t need to print things out unnecessarily; they can choose to make a handwritten change or just reprint that page.

People on the lists that remain in the club do not change number. Which is why we ask people to include their numbers when mailing postcards or contacting us by email - it makes it much easier to identify who you are and where you’re from!


PLEASE everyone, use the latest list for sending your postcards.

Sometimes people ask to come off - and rather than announce this to everyone, we had just been taking them off and putting a new member in their place. One reason for the next email highlighting any changes.

If you don’t use the latest update you could be sending mail to someone who doesn’t want to be getting mail any more; you will also be missing out someone who does want mail!! Obviously fine to update your own copy, if you have one, to the latest version, but please use the most recent one!! (You could also be sending to the wrong address if someone has moved).

Apologies for those this seems obvious to, but someone who has been off the list since list 8 is still getting mail. And that means the person now in that space is missing out too. Thank you.


Fydd chwe cherdyn ar y ffordd heddiw, dau i Dde Cymru, dau i Loegr a dau i Awstralia.


Wow - rwyt ti wedi bod yn brysur iawn - you’ve been really busy!:slight_smile:


I was having a bit of postcard envy when I saw these cards - until I received one… Thank you, @cwrtogwen-bythesea!


Slight delay with my postcards Dwr Cymru are tearing up the streets (at least they’re not blocking our driveway anymore) and I didn’t fancy trying to get to the post box. Will try again soon.


Where do we send our entries for the summer competition? I couldn’t see a specific address on the email

#581 :slight_smile:


Ah, i wasn’t sure if physical copies were required. Thanks for your help!


Or if by post, to #71

Diolch @charlie-o :smile:


After lockdown stamp crisis about to send off some postcards again:)


And…Thank you so much for your excellent postcard Cetra, which I agree with totally!
I’m afraid I have not sent any postcards since lockdown. My husband is shielding and to protect him I have not been out since March 15th. (after hearing about Italy. :sob:
I have amazing neighbours who have all looked after us but with all the jobs they have been doing for us, I thought it better to wait until we are allowed to go to the post office, which is always busy.
Very soon I should be able to reply but meanwhile, it was wonderful to receive your card. Thank you so much.
Diolch I galon Cetra :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Update on rhestr 11 - house name for #248 is actually Dwy Seren ar Ddeg


Blockquote If you tell me what number you are on the list I will send you a postcard. Lockdown is a challenge and no stamps is something I understand!


If, like me, you buy stamps in bulk, be aware that the price of some UK stamps went up this month! Stamps for international postcards now cost £1.42.


Postage rates for postcards to North America are now £1.63


Sorry to be dim but I am not sure what you mean by blockquote?
My number is #83 I think though.
I am probably going to hold off sending any cards until after August 16th now.
Diolch :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I am not sure how the blockquote bit came up either!!! Sorry for any confusion. Thanks for your number. Don’t worry about sending one back. Just thought I’d send one as you are still in lockdown - I haven’t reached the 80s on my list yet!


That’s really kind of you. Thank you.
Very funny about the blockquote