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Clwb Cardiau Post Cymraeg 🎉


Oops, I hadn’t been following updates so much - and especially in the months when we were requested not to use the post in Italy (because only a very small percentage of offices and employees were actually active, and very few International flights if at all!).

Even though this method had always seemed more reasonable, I was still stuck with the first instructions to send the first to the one right next in the list and then just pick random ones and/or answer to the cards you’d receive.

While now do I understand correctly, I’m supposed to go down the list?
Ooops! If so I’m going to start from this month! Sorry! :grimacing:


Different opinions / ideas by different people @gisella-albertini that’s all. Send to the next one on the list first and then chose a system you’re happy with.
I send randomly and respond to people who have sent me ones. I tend to send to newbies in the Club as well :smile:
And the best policy in my opinion Is…
The more you send the more you’ll receive


You’re not doing anything wrong @gisella-albertini - but what a lot of us do is send our first one each month as described, then send any others as we feel appropriate - be those answers, random, keeping on going through the list…
The idea of having a bit of regular system is to try and make sure that everyone keeps getting cards - and a mix of regular, answers and random gives a chance to tick all boxes :grin:
Answers definitely good where can (and vital for ‘the more you send, the more you receive’ to be true). Not everyone in the club is on the Forum or using WSP - so some people will only know their card arrived safely if they get an answer back!


Yeah thats what I try to do too, though I want to apologise for the lack of cards sent recently; my city is still in lockdown unfortunately and I didn’t want to risk passing on any lurgy to any other parts of the country. Am missing sending/receiving postcards though so I’ve got a big stack of cards raring to go once we get the all clear!


:star:Cystadleuaeth clwb cardiau post - Haf 2020 :star:
Diolch yn fawr i bawb sy wedi cystadlu yn ein Cystadleuaeth Haf eleni.
Ry’n ni wedi derbyn dros ugain o gardiau post yn y y gystadleuaeth.
Y beirniad eleni yw Nick Treharne sy’n ffotograffydd proffesiynol. Mae linc i’w wefan islaw.
Bydd yr enillydd yn cael ei gyhoeddi dydd Mercher nesa!

A big thanks to everyone who competed in our Summer Competition this year.
Nick Treharne will be judging the competition. Nick is a proffesional photographer and a Welsh learner himself. There’s a link to his website below.

We received over twenty entries this year. The winner will be announced next Wednesday!

Pob lwc pawb | good luck everybody

Gwefan Nick:


Can you spot the one you sent? Thank you for all the kovely postcards i have received so far. I think I need to starr another line!


Diolch am y cerdyn post Roma @franhunni.

#72 is rather confused as to who sent her this lovely card,( no number on it), was it you?


I believe it is:)


Thank you Nia (and Sam) for your thoughtful card. I will send one in response as soon as I can


:star:Cystadleuaeth clwb cardiau post Cymraeg :star: [English message below]
Neges wrth y beirniad, Nick Treharne…

“Diolch pawb am anfon eich cardiau post i’r gystadleuaeth. Ro’n i’n meddwl bod y safon yn wych! Roedden nhw mor dda dewisais 2 enillydd.

Da iawn pawb”

Felly, dyma’r ddau enillydd:

Janice Hearne - Golygfa prysur yn yr Haf

Karen Shreeve - Dynes/ Menyw yn torheulo ar y traeth

Llongyfarchiadau mawr i chi’ch dwy

Yn yr atodiad mae cardiau post yr enillwyr a phawb arall fel collage.

Diolch unwaith eto am gystadlu pawb, roedd e’n hwyl :smile:

So there we have it, two worthy winners this year and a great competition, thank you all once again for competing.

The winners are

Janice Hearne - A busy summertime scene

Karen Shreeve - A woman sunbathing on the beach.

Here they are :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


Wel! Dyna sypreis :smiley:


They are all fantastic. I’ve had a lot of trouble finding postcards, had to just buy some off Amazon in the end. I wish I could buy these ones to send :grinning:


Oh wow! So many amazing and different pictures!
Llongyfarchiadau Janice a Karen :art:
And thank you to everyone else who participated :smile:


This could be an idea put forward in the AGM @emma-ireland :smile:
We have a lovely collection of poscards between these and the ones that entered the Christmasy postcard collection ( scroll back to see them) :star_struck:


Address update - top line of #221 is now
1632 Lowrie St. #2
Which will be what’s included in August’s update - but just in case you’re mailing Justin before then… :upside_down_face:


:star:We have this wonderful young lady from Moscow who’s just joined Clwb Cardiau Post :star:


Thank you #82 for this postcard :japanese_ogre::scream:
Cerdyn Post i Draeth Bournemouth

Dydd Iau, 25 Mehefin 2020

S’mae pawb!

Ges i amser arbenning ar traeth Bournemouth wythnos’ma efo fy nheulu! Dw i’n teimlo’n cryfach ar ôl cwpl o ddiwnodau ar y traeth! Roedd hi’n bron yn rhy boeth i mi ac ron i’n synnu at cymaint o bobl roedd yno! Ar ôl i rai pobl wedi wneud i trio cadw ni’n bant roedd yn hyfryd i fod mewn fintai mawr eto. Roedd yn perffaith - doedd neb yn poeni am olchi dwylo ac roedd pawb yn agos iawn at ei gilydd! On in wrth fy modd i gwrdd â chymaint o bobl newydd yn un lle! Roedd yn profiad anhygoel!

Wrth cwrs roedd rai bobl sy’n meddwl eu bod nhw’n clyfar yn trio spoilio popeth ac yn cwyno fel arfer – ond stwffio nhw! Beth sy’n bwysig ydy bod pawb yn mwynhau eu hunan ac yn rhannu popeth, ynde?

Felly, paid â bod yn dwp, beth am ddod tro nesa? Dw i’n edrych ymlaen at gwrdd a chi!

Hwyl fawr,



Beautiful writing. Diolch vikta


Please note important postcode correction

#128 (Di) should be NG12 2DN .
Her postcode will be correct on the list that comes out tomorrow!!


Noticed today - UK postage rates for international mail go up September 1st (to £1.45 for up to and including 10g for all zones)…

Domestic rates aren’t changing :slight_smile: