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Clwb Cardiau Post Cymraeg 🎉


Was anyone listening to Ffion Emyr on Radio Cymru tonight? (Friday 04.10.2020) We had a mention at 23:10 when she read out my tweet explaining about Clwb Cardiau Post. I don’t think she got the whole post card and “ssioow” thing, mind. :slight_smile:


@JohnYoung nobody really knows what SsiW / speaking practice group is in the ‘Welsh’ world! They need to be enlightened :smile:


Just realised, she’s the actual Ffion Emyr, who sings Tri mis a Dirwnod. No way!! :grin:


Apologies, we sadly have an address change that didn’t reach update 14 :disappointed:
The address for #158 is now:
4 Cae Cymric
SY16 2JA


Change is already onto January’s update…


We have 3 more changes of address for January’s update - #128, #109 (please address as Sammy) and #95 - so perhaps contact me if you want to mail them before the next list update comes out…
Nadolig Llawen!:christmas_tree::star2:


Don’t forget UK postal prices go up January 1st - haven’t checked them all, but 2nd class is going up 1p, 1st class 9p (yes, 9p!!). If you get stamps that just say 1st or 2nd on them at the current price, they’ll still be valid next year… so might be worth getting a few extra, especially if you like 1st class…


New start to 2021, why not join the Clwb Cardiau Post Cymraeg :tada::tada:



:star::star:Some have sent messages this week wanting to join. Unfortunately we won’t be including any more members
until the beginning of March. E-mails go out every TWO months now.

If you’d like to join before March, get in touch but you won’t officially be a member until the e-mail with your membership number goes out to everyone :star::star:


Wyth cerdyn ar eu ffordd heddiw i UDA, yr Almaen, Sbaen (Catalunya), Japan, Awstralia a’r Alban gyda fy llun o’r murlun “Cofiwch Dryweryn” ger LLanrhystud, Ceredigion.


I’m a little behind with my postcards (Mae’n ddrwg gen i) - lack of time and I’d managed to ‘tidy up’ my postcards and put them in that safe place that can never be found until you’re looking for something else! Should be a pile heading out this week though (apologies in advance for the handwriting! ) :slight_smile:


I’ve been forgetting to keep up with sending my postcards at the moment. :frowning:


Gwych @cwrtogwen-bythesea. Can I share this on the facebook page please?


Mae digon o amser @jen :grinning:


Wrth gwrs Nia :slight_smile:



Dw i wedi ei dderbyn in yr Alban, diolch!


Yn! Predictive text!!


Diolch am dy gerdyn gyda’r tocyn euriadd @jen

Andy #79


Diolch am dy gerdyn hefyd @rhiannon-boydell