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Clwb Cardiau Post Cymraeg 🎉


This is so great. Ummm. I just did Day 3 in 1 Sentence in Welsh. Hahaha. So, 1. When we send you our name and address, do you note a person’s level so maybe they get something they have a chance of understanding? Or 2. Should I at minimum finish the 1SiW first?
Also, it seems like there is so much interest so is it just pick someone on the list or is there some kind of process to try to have everyone able to share in the fun of receiving a postcard?
Sorry if my questions seem silly.
Diolch yn fawr in advance for answers.
Pob hwyl :blush:


I know any words we offer won’t stop the pain of your loss. Just know so many people are directing heartfelt empathy to you. I hope you and all your loved ones are doing as well as possible in this difficult time.


Hi Julie. I joined the Postcard Club almost as soon as I started SSiW. You are sent a list of members and you are given a number. Initially, you send to the next person on the list, the following month to the person after that on the list and so on. You can send as many postcards as you want, but the minimum is one a month. You don’t know anyone’s Welsh speaking level but I found Google translate very helpful in those early days! Go for it, it’s great to be a part of and I really look forward to receiving new postcards each month. I tend to send extra postcards to someone who lives locally, someone abroad and someone I see on the group chats but we’re all different in how we choose who to send to. You also start to pick up handy phrases when you read the postcards so it’s a great way to improve your vocabulary.


For those who were expecting the updated membership list to be sent out yesterday, apologies - changed circumstances mean that it should now be going out next Friday (July 9th) now.
Diolch am eich amynedd - thanks for your patience.


Has anyone received a scrambled update email today - if so, please advise!

You should have an easy to read email, complete with one copy of list 18 - for some reason, not what everyone has received!!
We’re obviously hoping that most people aren’t affected… :crossed_fingers:


Llongyfarchiadau mawr @nigelh
One of Nigel Homer’s postcards can be seen on display in Oriel Lockdown, Aberystwyth Art Centre until 5th of September ( #36)

Well done Nigel !


Llongyfarchiadau Nigel!! :heart_eyes:


@BronwenLewis coming to this a bit late but thought I would reply, as I think I recently sent you a postcard - just for the record, I won’t be in the least offended if I don’t get a reply! I have had the same dilemma as you. After reading the comments here and on the Slack channel, I’ve now decided to reply to all the new postcards I receive, and to any with a direct question, but I just don’t have the capacity to maintain a lot of ongoing written conversations, much as I would like to. I hadn’t realised that a reply still counts as sending a card, but I think I’ll continue to work my way down the list each month as well. I love receiving the cards and writing them is a really good way to practise written Welsh, but I want to make sure it stays enjoyable and doesn’t start to feel overwhelming :smiley: I think if you find a system that works for you that’s the main thing.

When to drop the "G"

Thank you, Nia, for the postcard! I need to sit down and translate it.



Diolch pawb chi’n cardiau!


Helo, dw i isio dechrau Clwb Cardiau Post Cymraeg . My address is [removed by Admin for safety] - @ann-6 could you contact @h-palmer for the details please?


Sorry for delay @h-palmer - I’ve sent you a private message…


Cardiau ar y ffordd o Ffrainc i Awstralia, Cymru, Lloegr, unos Daleithiau a’r Almaen wythnos diwetha.


Diolch am dy cerdyn! Mae’n gynnar!


If you’d still like to join @h-palmer, please get in touch - you have a personal message sent via the Forum (click on the envelope you see when clicking on your icon in top RH corner of screen…)


Diolch am dy gerdyn di @charlie-o

Andy #79


@nia.llywelyn. I’ve managed to lose the December list I think. How can I get it re sent? (My brain is fried!)


I’m sure Nia can resend/correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the list is now being sent out every 2 months - have you got the November list by any chance?


All sorted! Nia is amazing!


Zoom link for the Parti Nadolig! :santa:t2::tada::christmas_tree: