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Living in Yorkshire and with no Welsh family, not much chance to practice speaking, except with a few fellow learners or a sympathetic tutor. So big step for me to visit N Wales recently, speak Welsh in shops and pubs, and have the reply come back in Welsh, not English. Wayhay!


Well done! :slight_smile:


Excellent Andy. Da iawn ti - well done you. Ive had a similar experience a couple of weeks ago on cycling trip to NWales. Hope thats given you a confidence boost. Brilliant!


I too live in Yorkshire and have virtually no chance to converse in Welsh with anyone. I live in Pontefract. Whereabouts do you live?


Hi @michael-jones-2 and @Andy23 If you’re not on there already, why don’t you ask SSIW admin to add you to the Welsh Speaking Practice group on Slack?! :slight_smile: WSP is an excellent forum for finding groups and individuals to practice Welsh with - anywhere in the world! There are interest groups that meet on there (like Art and Craft, Gardening, Photography, etc) and you can, of course, start your own conversation groups or arrange to have chats with individuals too. There are at least 2 other people on there that I’m aware of at the moment (and there will be more!) who live in Yorkshire and are looking for more conversation practice :slight_smile: I see there is also a local group in your area: and a thread here on the Forum that might be useful too: Yorkshire Learners Group There’s so many opportunities on-line to practice Welsh these days, it doesn’t really matter where you live to find good conversation practice! :slight_smile: Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


Hi @michael-jones-2 and @Andy23

Yes, diolch @Cetra, there is a meeting on zoom every Saturday at the moment - we swapped from physical meetings at the start of the first lock down last year and have just carried on up until now - it has many advantages.

Anyone is welcome who wants practice chatting - I can send you the zoom invite via Private Message - let me know!

Rich :slightly_smiling_face:


Where did you go?


Hi Michael, I live near Skipton, so a bit far. Some good ideas from everyone, though, so thanks. Will give it some thought.

I think my original post was really to say what a confidence boost it was to be able to have a conversation in Welsh - once I’d actually dipped my toe into the water. Before, I was always nervous of saying something in case I had no idea what was said in reply and then feeling stupid. So - go for it!