Cornish in Relation to Welsh and Breton


Would be good to have another Cornish speaker here if you do move. A number of us are working towards level 2 this year, and we’ve had new people join, so its growing. The email address for the classes/yeth an werin is - our teachers are Gary Angove/Peter Green. Also - it only takes 90 minutes to get to the Cornish border, which is always a positive…


Thanks again, Ella. My future plans are still very much up in the air — if I do move anywhere it won’t be till some time later next year — but it’s good to be aware of these things and I will certainly make contact with the Bristol class if there’s any possibility of me joining or even visiting at some stage!

I’m doing Grade 2 myself right now and have even been able to enrol in the London City Lit class for this term (normally not an option due to variable shifts at work, but I have a different schedule at the moment)! I’m the only one in the class doing Grade 2 at present, so I work one-to-one with my teacher, but that’s not at all bad — and it’s wonderful to be able to get together with other speakers regularly at last.

That is one of the things that makes the prospect of a move to Bristol attractive, I must say… :grinning: