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Cornish language events


Yes Courtney that’s first Kernow on our buses in the east we have some Cornish as well, it’s on some of the trains as well, it’s all good!!


Splann! :sunny: :star2: :grinning:


Website has just launched nothing on it as of yet but keep looking


Well, it’s a start! :smile: Thanks for sharing, Shaun.


There is a Cornish language event at the Looe music festival if anyone’s going?
It’s called the big Cornish sing!


How much I wish I could join! Love Iain Glen kewsel Kernewek (:kissing_heart: Ser Jorah Mormont ). Thank you sooo much for the link, Shaunrennie :cherry_blossom:


My ynwedh! But I have just been to Kernow recently and can’t afford (either time-wise or money-wise) to get back over there any time soon…

I have the song “Roev Sos Roev” on a CD of three Cornish-language songs by The Changing Room, which I love listening to, even if I can’t yet catch oll an geryow — they’re a great band. :slight_smile:


I really like The Changing Room too. They’ve collated all of their songs in Cornish on Soundcloud, and I listen to it quite a lot. I really like their version of 2000 miles:


Oh, lovely — thanks, Ella. :smile: I was wondering if there was a collection of their Cornish songs available online, but hadn’t yet got around to looking.


You may like this then!


Also this in Liskeard, Nadelik Lyskerrys


Oh, thanks so much for the link, I’m listening to “Gwrello Glaw” right now…what an expressive voice! :musical_score:


Ha sos, meur ras! :bus: :dash:


Sam Kelly’s voice is amazing. Tanya Brittain is doing so much to promote the Cornish language, it’s wonderful that songs like Gwrello Glaw are getting out there.


Meur ras bras rag hemma ynwedh, Shaun. It’s good to have all the lyrics, even if I don’t yet understand them all!!

Nice to see the translation is by Ken George. I remember at this year’s Pennseythen in Newquay he ran a session on translating songs into Kernewek — rag an Kernewegoryon freth, not for us learners, but they were in action next door to us during one of the classes and I remember hearing the unmistakable sound of “Yesterday” sung in Kernewek! :wink:


Hi - just to flag up that there’s new Cornish for Beginners Course starting in Bristol, starting Saturday 9th September 10.00 - 12.00 at Cafe Des Amies, Easton Community Centre, Kilburn Street, Bristol.

Course will run once a fortnight, there’s a free car park and plenty of on road parking nearby, so could be a good course for people who live outside of Bristol as well. More details at the following Facebook page:


Agan Lev 2 - a celebration of the work of the voluntary Cornish Language organisations over the past year and a report and follow-up on the Agan Lev conference event held last February. Organised by Rosweyth - the Cornish language organisations acting in Partnership, the programme includes a report on the results of the Agan Lev conference, a talk about the Prag Na? project, a celebration of the work over the past year adn a chance to contribute to identifying the priorities for the future. PLUS… a shared lunch. Entrance is free, but please bring something to contribute to the lunch!! 16/09/17 10:00 - 12:30 Lys Kernow/County hall Truru/Truro
I’ve just seen this on Facebook, this is the same date and place as the Kesva certificate presentations


Harvest festival service in Kernewek at St Ive Methodist church (in between callington & liskeard) Sunday 17th September 3pm
Postcode for satnav’s PL14 3LY


Thanks for sharing that, Shaun. I assume the service will be conducted by Revd Jane Kneebone — if so, I can vouch for the fact that it’ll be well worth going to if you’re interested in Kernewek, whether or not you’re a churchgoer generally. Jane is heaps of fun and always includes lots of singing in Kernewek (if you can read Cornish and sight-read music well enough, beware, as you may be co-opted into the choir — it happened to me once!! :smile: ). There’s always a transcript of all the hymns, prayers, readings and the sermon in both Kernewek and English, so people of all abilities can follow along with the Kernewek and see what it means at the same time. As I said, definitely worth attending if you’re interested and can get there.


I’m not a churchgoer, but I like going to these special services at different times of the year because of the community feel to them, especially Christmas! I remember Jane at the Pennseythen, she was fun!
I’ll probably take my Gran as she likes going to church even though she knows no Cornish she enjoyed the Christmas one and knew some people there anyway!