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Could we have a thread on Welsh Customs?


Gwych i glywed, @Deborah-SSi! Much of the spread of the Mari Lwyd as a kind of key Welsh tradition in recent years has been down to the work of Trac Cymru - as it says on their website - “going round the country delivering workshops to schools and community groups, and working with local enthusiasts to bring communities together to learn about this unique Welsh tradition”.


I’m definitely aware of the midwinter portion, but I figure one needs to plan ahead to find a skull source. :crazy_face:

I’ve got a strong Welsh (with some Scots/Irish) family background and thought I owed it to myself to have some facility with my cultural roots which have been erased. I’m also working on a thesis relating to oral cultures as they impinge on literacy and how memory plays a role in that. Old Welsh provides a view on the sort of cultural changes I’d love to look at, though it may be a while before I’m at a level of fluency to make that research bear fruit.


Diolch am esbonio, diddorol iawn. Thanks for explaining.