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Course 1 and I've come unstuck on session 14


I’ve been breezing through the 1st course. On my way to work in my car. Everyday. Regular saint… then 12 was a struggle and 13 another real test. Now I’m hopeless on lesson 14. Is this natural? I’m tired, I know but 2 weeks and falling behind.

Clive Geraint


Yes, perfectly natural - those 3 are a bit infamous to be honest. It will get better after 14! Don’t be tempted to go over and over 14 until you think the majority has ‘stuck’ - do it a couple of times and move on, even if you think nothing’s ‘gone in’. Things will crop up again in later lessons, so you won’t miss anything as long as you don’t ignore 14 all together!


Ooh thank you so much. It’s my first question on the forum and I have been loving my language journey so much. It’s wonderful to have that bit of encouragement from someone who has been there and come out the other side unscathed! I’m following that advice and after 7 times through it… I’m moving on
Diolch yn fawr.
Clive Geraint


Don’t worry Clive, you are not alone! Just keep on keeping on and trust the system!:grinning:


Yep, as Siaron said, those challenges are infamously difficult, but I found that they also transformed my ability to put a sentence together. They introduce you to longer, more complex sentences, and that will stand you in good stead with the rest of the course - so the pain is worth it.


Oh that’s good to read! :grinning:


I’m feeling better already and looking forward to challenge 15! :+1:t3:


I had the same problems with 14, I just moved on in the end and the content is repeated regularly enough in future challenges anyway, without the feeling of doom that 14 brought! 15 is much easier and 16 was a pleasure! Don’t worry about it, it will fall into place as you move on. Enjoy :slight_smile:


That’s so encouraging. Even more encouraging is knowing that nice people are out there, like yourself, wanting to help stumblers like me! Diolch :grinning:


Yes, Clive. I found those two challenges more challenging than the others, as they focus on word combinations more than some of the other challenges. I just moved on to the next challenges accepting that I didn’t “get” all of it, and eventually it sank in. You can always come back to those challenges at a later date, and by the time you get to say, challenge 20, you’ll probably find challenges 12-14 a breeze. Good luck and keep going! It really does get easier as you progress.


Thank you for that. I’ve moved to challenge 15 and it’s a lot easier. Some nagging doubts remain that I’m going rush forward and be unprepared. However,with reassurance, I’m losing on. Thanks again
Clive Geraint


I found the same thing with those three lessons and I did go over them a few more times than I normally do. It still felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere, but I decided to accept this and move on. And, as you are discovering, it was fine - when some of the sentences and constructions came back in later lessons, I realised that I had picked up more than I thought. I know I am just echoing what others have said but I do remember what a difficult phase it was for me and wanted to say that it got a lot easier! I learnt a lot without realising it too.


I hit a bit of a wall there and it took me a few days to get past it. It felt as if there was too much to cope with that week. I know we shouldn’t, but I did write all the English phrases down with a view to going back over it slowly. I found that just doing that gave me the headspace for it to sink in and i never actually looked at the list of phrases in the end. Give yourself a little time and space, and try not to be put off by it.


I have been lurking in this forum. I am currently on Week 12 Challenge 11…I too have heard speak of lesson 14 being a rather difficult one, so I have been watching it creep up for myself and trying to mentally prepare for it (lol) but I didn’t know lesson 12 was going to be a struggle…but I could kind of feel it come on cuz I felt like this week, lesson 11 had a little more focus involved in completing the lesson!

So I don’t have any words to give you from experience with the lesson…but I have heard that it is normal to struggle with lesson 14. Good luck to you! I will be there shortly as well!


Thank you for your response. The encouragement I have been given has been very good. I have moved on and although I’m struggling with work to find the time at the moment, I know it’s better to have moved forward. So, be prepared and when you get there. Be strong and don’t stress.