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Course 1 vs Level 1 - which? Why? When? What?!


Thanks, John. I’m glad you found it useful. I know I struggled with SSiW and it seemed impossible at first, but after trying several times over a period of years and bouncing off the method very hard, I eventually found how to make it work for me.


Hi Margaret hall
What video does Jonn refer to in his reply to you please?


I think it might be the one she posted in this thread, Keith - Video: if you're finding SSiW *really* hard going

By the way, to make sure someone you’re asking, or referring to sees your post, you can tag them by putting an @ before their name like this @keith-17 :slight_smile:


Thanks again.


That sounds like the perfect combination of pushing yourself hard enough to get a neurological adaptation, and being kind enough to give yourself extra time when it feels helpful - ideal, well done you! And what a brilliant thing to spend time in Llanbedrog without using any English - superb!

Huge, huge congratulations - you’ve achieved a huge amount already, and with such a positive attitude you’re going to keep going from strength to strength… :slight_smile: :star: :star2:


You Diolch, Aran. It’s your method that’s made the difference. Thank you so much.


Bore Da Aran.
I’m currently enjoying Level 2 lesson 16 of your brilliant SSiW lessons. Last week you suggested contacting you on the forum with any concerns or difficulties encountered. Well here goes. I’m finding it difficult to hear/understand the dialogue on the previous two listening exercises as it’s done at such speed. So I’ve taken to reading the Welsh part of the transcript then referring to the English translation if I get stuck. I’m doing quite well with this tbh. I’m continuing with the twice daily listening exercise as instructed. Are others having similar difficulties?


@barrie-lewis the idea with the listening practices is that they are supposed to be too fast for you to be able to pick out individual words consciously. It’s your subconscious that is going to become activated so that you find yourself almost miraculously understanding what the conversation is about.

Just put it on and treat it like some music that you’re about to listen to. Let it flow over you, without really focusing on it, but without letting your mind start thinking about other things. It’s the easiest language learning you’ll do because it requires no effort at all.


Ok I’ll just have to trust the system on this I suppose. My concern is that I just can’t make out some of the dialogue without referring to the transcript so was at a loss as to how I’m meant to absorb words and phrases I can’t hear. Sorry if I sound a little negative, I really don’t mean to be. The SSi system of learning is a revelation to me which I’m really enjoying. I was borne in Wales and have lived all of my 69 years here. Thanks to SSi for giving me the chance to better understand and appreciate this ancient and beautiful language. Diolch!