Course 1 vs Level 1 - which? Why? When? What?!


Hi, I am pleased to say that I have just completed course 1 and i’m still going on Level 1 on lesson 18. I’m enjoying the Welsh language and never thought that I would be speaking Welsh like I am. Awesome I just want to thank everyone and I will continue on I’m still looking for people to talk to however, I’m sure they will turn up Dioch.


That’s the spirit! Keep on looking, and you will find people in the end :sunny: :thumbsup:

Tatjana - progress reports

Hi, I am coming to the end of Level 1, it has been awesome had a bit of frustration when I thought that I was doing alright and then I hit lesson 21, wow a bit of a mouthful however, it was great when I think of how much there is to learn and actually what makes or puts a language together. I will leave thinking too hard about that for now still loving the learning tho yes I did get a bit frustrated last night but I think that was a good thing and a wake up call. Still have not found anyone to talk too that is possibly whats letting me down a bit so I just keep talking to myself thanks .


Everyone has ups and downs with different lessons, Peter, don’t worry about that - you don’t need to master every individual lesson to end up speaking the language :sunny:


Hello! So I’m a little confused. I’ve been trying to learn for some time now (read: years) but I’ve had to take some huge breaks leaving me only on lesson 6 of Course 1. I’ve been terrible at using the forum, and can’t remember seeing the Levels when I first started. As I have come relatively short on my learning journey, should I jump over to Level 1? Or finish Course 1? See I’m not sure I understand what the difference is other than one being newer! I hope someone can explain! Diolch!


That’s what I’d recommend - the Levels are a complete rewrite of the approach, using everything that I learnt from feedback from a lot of learners over the first three or four years of the course - and they also take you into our new approach to listening exercises (every five sessions) which I think are much, much more efficient than anything in the old courses… :sunny:


Diolch, sounds great, I will do that then! :blush:


Keep us posted on how it goes! And let us know when you hit the wall…:wink:


I’m approaching the end of Level 1 now (a terrifying thought), and was just wondering about the Course 1 vocabulary sessions. Would they be of any use to me at this point or is the material covered throughout Level 1? Or do they use different sentence structures/verb forms and would just confuse me?


A superb thought and a superb achievement! :star2:

Refresh my memory - are you doing the northern or southern version? If you’re doing the northern, I’d say press straight on - there’s certainly nothing particularly important left in the vocabs that hasn’t been cooked into Level 1 - and we’ll get to the end of recording Level 2 in the pretty near future…

If you’re doing southern, we’re going to be publishing quite a bit more in the next two or three months, but there will be a little lag-time - so in that case, you might enjoy doing the vocabs, on a ‘do NOT worry about any unfamiliar bits in them’ basis only… :sunny:


I’m doing the Northern course. I’ll press on then! Diolch!


How are you finding the listening exercises? Are you giving them 5 minutes a day? It’ll make a huge difference for you :sunny:


I always listen to them a few times on a day I do a lesson, and in the car. If I’m not driving or doing a lesson I do forget often… I’ve made my car (when on my own or with just Tom) a Welsh only zone, now I’ve discovered I can get Radio Cymru in Lancaster and Manchester! Well, Welsh only except for the traffic reports!


That’s sounds as though you’re doing pretty well with the listening exercises - :thumbsup: - if you can find something in your daily routine to tie them into, so that you end up doing them almost without thinking, you’ll be another step ahead on the journey… :sunny:


Helo, I have come to the end of Level one and looking forward to continuing with level two. It has been great and has given me a real passion to go further with the language. It is winter here in Alice Springs, Australia and has been a bit cold not too bad. I hope that everyone else is doing well and that the summer is treating you all good. The Northern version of Lesson 25, was very useful as there are a number of different words used and the tutors speak quite slowly which is good as I was able to hear most words and phrases clearly. I am still having difficulty with words such as, read and book however, it’s all good dioch.


Hi there, this may well be useless to you as I realize Australia is a big place, and my geography leaves a lot to be desired! :smile:
It’s just that I noticed a skype group (on this forum) that seems to be in the process of forming, in Australia, but in Melbourne. Probably miles away from you? But…I was wondering if it was at least in your time zone?
I think one of the people is called Karla. If it could help you, I could find the other names for you?
Sounds like you are doing really well especially without anyone to speak to. I am no where near as far as you.
The weather is not a bit like summer here. Apparently the jet stream is in the wrong place!
What is winter like in Alice Springs? I thought you didn’t have seasons?
Nice to see you on the forum :blush:


Hi, thank you for the nice reply i’m sorry it’s taken a bit long to answer I have been away and have just returned , I got to do a couple of lessons while I was away but now I am fully back into learning again I am on course 2 and it is awesome yes the winters here in Alice Springs are cold however, things heat up during the day. Like it was 3 degrees this morning but the day will rise to 24 degrees. I hope your Welsh is going well yes it would be useful in finding out about the skype group in Melbourne if it is possible many thanks.


Hi there,
I was just checking to see how I found the Melbourne group.
I dont know how to create links but if you just type in the search box “skype practice” it brings up Karla & another person.
Also…I just typed in “Australia” again in the search box and a list of Australian contacts appear! I would just work down the list.
You are sure to find a practice partner or group there.
Hope you find someone soon. Happy hunting! :blush:



You have been really helpful (as usual) with advice recently. I have completed Course 1 and on your advice skipped the vocabulary units ans started Level 1.

What I don’t understand is why the content is so different? Course 1 has has lots of Byrd and Fydd and the like but level 1 doesn’t.

Not a complaint - would be helpful to understand.




What you’re learning now with Level 1 is in old course mostly taught basically (I feel that way) a bit too late - in Course 3 where you are meeting only short structures. With levels you’ll be keen to them much earlier what is good. In the middle of Level 1 you’ll also have many posessive forms and those “to me”, “to you” (and what 's more to them) structures. All in all everything is taught much earlier in the Levels (Challenges) what is actually good but can be of some difficulties if (as you did I see) you previously made old course. I’m not sure how it goes when you do all old courses and then go back (this will be in my case) to Levels. I presume it’s easier then but transfer from Courses to Levels at the beginning can be a bit stressful.

And yes, content is so different because (well my humble opinion though) the whole structure of the learning process is put together differently (as I see things) according to last researches, input of members who did old Courses etc …

So much to my knowledge and experience (reading elswhere on the forum) as I did half of Level 1 and (almost) all 3 Courses.

Hope it helps to understand though.

Happy learning. :slight_smile: