Course 1 vs Level 1 - which? Why? When? What?!


Hi Lorna. Is it 10 months already?! Wow! Yes, I can confirm that I’m still happily bonkers and making slow but steady progress with my Welsh learning! :slight_smile: I hope you are feeling similarly encouraged 4 months on?..

Last week I completed the final lesson of course 3 (after first doing level 3). I really enjoyed combining the high intensity of the levels with the more structured, repetitive approach of the old courses, and likewise, the fast pace of the accelerated listening exercises with the more in-depth ‘old’ vocab units (great for revision too).

As I really rushed through both level 3 and course 3, I’m now going to revisit every 5th lesson of these, maybe at 1.5-2x speed, and maybe some of level 2 and the vocab units whilst waiting for the new advanced material (very excited about that!!). I’d really like to start reading and speaking more too, but that’s less easy to combine with other activities than playing ssiw in the background (living abroad with 4 kids and working adds to the challenge!). In the meantime I’ll continue to do some other Welsh-related activity every day e.g. Duolingo, listening to radio Cymru etc… And then next year I hope to get some real immersion to boost my speaking skills (and confidence), e.g. a long weekend staying with first-language or fluent speakers or maybe even a bwtcamp!.. :slight_smile:


I am coming back to the forum after a long absence and I am going to start with Level 1. I was wondering why the old course is still on the website if the Levels are an improved version.


Hi @edmund, welcome back to the forum.

Yes, the Levels are better for learning than the old course. Still, many people like to keep the old material too because it has additional useful vocabulary, and we sometimes like to go back and use the old lessons for a change.

If you are starting again, then I think that you are right to use the Levels.

Good luck with it.


Because even though there are very few people who start there, we’ve got lots and lots of learners who are very attached to them, and who have (in large numbers) threatened us with pointy things if we ever actually delete them entirely… :wink:


The old courses are still useful and very useful if you’re learning with a normal night school course as well. I don’t have a pointy thing Aran but I do own a hurl, be warned.


I have a kitchen full of pointy things :grin: :smiling_imp: :wink:


I just finished level 1 and started Course 1 just to see the difference. I am really happy with the vocabulary I am learning. It is also enjoyable to use the extra lessons (months, numbers and so on) and it is improving my Welsh. So I am quite glad they are still there!