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Course 1 vs Level 1 - which? Why? When? What?!


Terry, i went through the old course fairly quickly, but it is quite different, so you learn tonnes of new stuff and has extra vocab units which are very helpful. I found old course 3 very difficult, and will return to it at some point to see if I can matter it! I found level 3 of the new course much easier the second time round, more of a refresher this time, but can get everything in without pausing, which I couldn’t do at all the first time.

Sharon, yes I am working through the advanced content :grinning: my Welsh learning has to fit in to when I’m free, which is mainly commuting and walking the dog - so I often forget to look at the transcripts, so I’m not doing it quite as it should be done! But I’m enjoying it​:grinning:


It’s a series of interviews for listening practice which come with translations and transcripts. If you click on the ‘Learn’ tab you should see ‘Advanced Content’ listed there.
The idea is that you is to have a consistent weekly pattern which goes:

Listen once - without reading anything
Read the transcript
Listen again - still without reading
Read the translation
Listen one last time - still without reading.

They are a mix of North and South interviewees too.


Thanks for your feedback. I’m looking forward to getting back to Level 3 New via the old course now that I’ve read that you found it easier. Diolch yn fawr iawn.


I thoroughly recommend doing the “old” Courses after the Levels. They have quite different material and make an excellent complement to the Levels.


Hi Aran amazingly I have got to lesson 21! But when I am listening I hear little bits that I don’t understand I.e. if I am saying “my mother said I shouldn’t help you”.between the said and I shouldn’t is a ‘na’? Is it an abbreviation of ‘that’ ? Jacqui


Thanks. So no more challenges or speaking practice then? Listening at normal speed, I hope.


Thank you. I’ll certainly do the Old Course then. You sound as if you’ve finished all the levels. What did you do after finishing Level 3?


No, no more challenges, though by this stage your speaking skills should be such that you can seek out conversations to practise in (online if not in person under current circumstances). But because there are so many varied accents and dialects, the advanced content is for honing your listening skills and these go at the speed of the interviewee, so some people naturally speak faster than others. And if you want to challenge yourself, there’s nothing to say you can’t read through the transcripts out loud - reading, speaking and understanding practice! :wink:


Huge congratulations, Jacqui! That’s brilliant :star2: And yes, you’ll be catching more and more of the little bits - and this one is exactly right - ‘na ddylwn i’ - so not an abbreviation of that, just part of the negative… :slight_smile:


Hi, still trying to work out how long each level is. I am on challenge 12 level 1. Had a nose around and unless there are more challenges hidden, I can only see 25 for each level. As I can only cope with a challenge a week am I right thinking that I could complete all 3 levels within 2 years? Need to take the odd break :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Diolch


Yes, 25 challenges on each level, so all 3 within 2 years is certainly do-able (but there’s no ‘set’ time to do them in!).
If after that you get withdrawal symptoms, you could go through the old course - also 3 levels with 25 challenges each, but of course you’ll be able to go through that faster :wink:
And there’s the advanced material to keep you going after that!


Thanks Siaron, you have made my day. I had it in my head it’ll be a year for each level :upside_down_face: Living in lovely Ceredigion I’ll hope I can improve my Welsh naturally too. 90% of all Welsh people I do know are first language Welsh


The beauty of the SSiW course is that people can work at their own pace. some will whizz through it, others will take breaks and come back to it, others will just work steadily through it. It’s all about individual learning but with plenty of support whatever pace you’re taking :slight_smile:
And you’ve plenty of welsh around you which will help enormously - don’t be afraid to jump in with the Welsh you’ve already got (no need to wait 'til you finish the course!), because that will help get you there even quicker!


I do use bits, more in texts etc or talking to myself. But it’s getting over the first hurdle :worried:


Yup, that first hurdle always seems a doozy, but pretty much everyone finds that. But what lies on the other side is so wonderful, it’s worth the pain of making yourself jump it! Remember, your first proper “in the wild” conversation doesn’t have to be long and it doesn’t have to be perfect or fluent - the boost you’ll get from it will still be amazing. Choose a friendly Welsh speaker you already know, take a deep breath and go for it. Once you’re on the other side of that hurdle it won’t seem so big after all! You’ve got this! :slight_smile:


Hello Aran,
I’m useless at using the forum. I wonder where this will end up.
I started learning in June last year. Now, on July 26th 2021, I have reached Level One Lesson 18. Slow learner? No. I stopped and started and then went right back to square one. My biggest mistakes?
Rewinding mistakes over and over. Trying to be perfect. But, since lockdown, I’ve found something that works for me! I would definitely not recommend it as it’s really odd.
In the last few months I have begun to see the light.
When I get to a new level, I play the lesson all the way through, straight away. At the age of 69 I find that my memory is actually getting better. Now I can hold the English words in my head and then translate them. If I get stuck I can now think my way around it. I use the pause button whenever I need too. This helps me to translate at MY speed.
Mistakes REALLY do help. I never thought I’d ever say that! During the following days I go through the lesson again, using about 10 minutes each time. I jot down my sticking points.
I am very nervous in any company. However, I was in the pub this week and someone asked if anyone could sing Happy Birthday in Welsh. I got my guitar and sang it. Then they started asked me to says beer in Welsh etc.
You are going to think I’m a lunatic now.
I suddenly thought to myself ……. I am actually speaking Welsh. Wow.
I rarely ever travel as I don’t like strange places. BUT, I’m going to stay with a lovely family in Llanbedrog, which I love. I’m banned from speaking English!
I’d like to thank you. I’ve never ever lasted this long on ANY course as I have such low self esteem.
Now I look forward to each new lesson and give myself little “hooks” to catch my words with.
Thank you so much.


Marvellous John - well done! It sounds like you’ve cracked it - any method that works for you is the right one. Just keep at it - it’s easier said than done for a lot of people, but the more you make yourself use the Welsh you have, the more confident you’ll get and the more Welsh you’ll pick up (and you’re well on the way!) :slight_smile:


I wanted to give this post more than one :heart: / like!

That’s the beauty of the SSiW method. You can use it in various ways and go at the speed that suits you. I hope you have a lovely time in Llanbedrog.


Thank you, Siaron. I’m beginning to enjoy it now!
Meanwhile……yn y dafarn.
Me to a new barmaid:-
“Hello, I hear you’re name is Sian. That’s Welsh for Jane. What part of Wales do yiu come from?”


Thank you, Margaret. I’ve just watched your video. It’s excellent.
Diolch yn fawr…John