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Coventry/Birmingham SSiW weekend trip to Welsh speaking Wales?


Shwmae pawb! In the last Coventry garden centre meetup we got talking about the idea of having our own DIY mini-bwtcamp by having a weekend away in Welsh speaking Wales. Are you interested @andyjone, @mintonman, @TrevorJones2, @lornarhodes, @Isata, @alice9, (sorry I haven’t listed everyone from Cov and Brum SSiW, just couldn’t find you listed on Forum).

Ideally, we’d book a Friday off work, travel there on that Friday, stay two nights at somewhere reasonably priced, travel back on the Sunday and then use the time between to experience the place - setting a rule (here’s the fun bit) of no English spoken from the moment we start the journey to the moment we get back.

In the first instance, please let me know if you’re interested in the idea and have a think about suggesting a place (e.g. Machynlleth, Caernarvon, Aberystwyth etc - but let’s stick to places with a lot of Welsh spoken in the street) and things to do (e.g. museum, gallery, etc). It would also be good to coincide it with a local SSiw meetup if we can, we can then start thinking about a suitable weekend later this year and look at reasonably priced local accommodation.

Hwyl, Dave D


I would certainly be interested, though it would depend on when. We might want to avoid peak holiday times when things get booked up and expensive, and there are a few things happening over the coming months that might get in my way, but in principle, it sounds like a great idea!


Dw i ar y Bwtcamp yn Tresaith ar hyn o bryd Felly rhaid i mi ateb yn y Gymraeg. Liciwn i fynd i’r mini Bwtcamp. Pan es i i Gaernarfon blwyddyn diwetha, oedd llawer o bobl yn siarad Cymraeg at y stryd.

Lift Sharing Wales - Eisteddfods/Gigs/Events/Bootcamps :red_car:

I’m interested!

A few of us already started to compare our diaries at the garden centre, and then on a little choir trip to Amwythig: and the weekend after the August bank holiday (30/8 to 1/9) was the only one which looked mutually good for all of those in those chats. That’s definitely not avoiding peak holiday season, of course - but we didn’t yet look at diaries past September …


Pob lwc a hwyl efo’r bŵtcamp, Trefor! Wi’n edrych ymlaen at dy straeon di ar ôl y peth :slight_smile:


@david-davies Yes I’m up for it too.



I know that it’s not spoken on the streets really, but how about you go to the Tafwyl Festival in Cardiff, or the Eisteddfod in Llanrwst? You’d hear LOTS of Welsh spoken at the Eisteddfod! From what you’ve listed I’d go for Aberystwyth or Caernarfon.


Diolch Caren! Thanks for this advice, we need to pick the right place. I hadn’t heard of the Tafwyl Festival (but have now looked it up online), that’s a great tip.