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Coventry/Birmingham SSIWers trip to Wrexham


Hi all,

I was chatting lately with @gruntius about joining him in Wrexham one Monday night for the Clwb Clebran at the Saith Seren - and several of us are thinking of heading over on April 8th. :red_car: :blue_car:

I’m thinking to drive over from Coventry, leaving at about 5pm, with @andyjone and @TrevorJones2 - while @david-davies is thinking to head directly there from Birmingham at a similar time, so if @Isata and/or anyone else who’ll be ym Mirmingham would like to join Dave, then one or other of us can swing through Brum later on the way back home to Cov. Aiming for something like Bŵtcamp rules (no speaking English, lots of laughs, including everyone in the chat) on the journey there and back :slight_smile:

We were thinking to leave by 10pm and hope to be back in Gorllewin Canolbarth Lloegr at around midnight. :sleeping:

Anyone else interested to come? A couple of us are also thinking about heading over there on Mon 6th May (Bank Holiday Monday evening), if we’ve recovered from the first trip by then :upside_down_face:


Looking forward to the visit Mark. No bootcamp rules in the pub unfortunately because there are one or two there that aren’t confident enough yet (obviously not SSiW users :wink:), but you will find most of us are able to hold it to Welsh when needed. :slight_smile:


I’m visiting my son on the 7/8th April, so I’ll make my to Wrecsam from Manceinion.


I’d like to come, but I’m currently in New York in the middle of a family emergency, so can’t plan anything that soon. If I can make it, I’ll probably make my own way then I won’t be messing anyone about.


I’d love to be party to this somehow…


I hope Mark doesn’t mind me putting this here … after a discussion last night about the pending visit you guys have planned we’ve decided to lay on a bit of food, nothing amazing but enough so you don’t have to try to find food in an unfamiliar area.

Are there any special requirements such as allergies we’ll need to know about? There will be vegan options available.


Great idea @mintonman and very welcoming of @gruntius to offer to arrange some food, thank you. This forum is great, I’ve worked the last 10 days in a row and was logging on tonight feeling jaded and wiped out to say I didn’t think I could make the 8th April, but having logged on and read all the comments I am “feeling the love” and am definitely back in again. :grinning: I’ll work from Aston (Gogledd Birmingham) for the day and look to set out early-ish in the afternoon to avoid the very heavy jams leaving Brum in the rush hour. @lornarhodes and @Isata I’m happy to do the driving and it would be great to travel together and siarad Cymraeg during the journey, though we’d need to plan pick ups and drop offs as Brum is a big place to traverse and i live a hour’s drive away on the other side (Southam, Warwickshire). Thanks


That’s very kind of you, David. I’ve got an appointment in the city centre that afternoon so could easily come over to Aston. I’ll message you to make arrangements.


Aw, aren’t you people nice? Vegetarian or vegan will be fine for me. Thanks very much for being so thoughtful!


Hi all,

Looks like @andyjone won’t be able to join us, but I think @TrevorJones2, @david-davies and @Isata are all planning to come along - in several different cars due to where people happen to be in the day today.

I’ll arrive about 7:15 or 7:30, I reckon - how about the rest of you?

Wela’i chi gyd yn fuan iawn!

M :slight_smile:


I should be there by about 7 just so no-one turns up and finds the place devoid of Welsh speakers to welcome them.

If anyone struggles for directions you can ring me and I’ll do my best to guide you in. Mark has my number I believe.


I should be there likewise 7.15-7.30.


Have fun tonight! :boom::dizzy::clap:


Do you mean you won’t be there Dee? :frowning_face:


I’ll definitely have to work in a trip to the nebulous north before too long :smile:


Well, that was ok, wasn’t it?

Thank you all for joining us. Everyone seemed to leave at the same time so I didn’t get any feedback but I don’t think I saw anyone not enjoying themself apart from @atomic_newt when @mintonman decided to Skype her from a really noisy pub (ahh, hindsight :joy: ).

Until next time …


It was a lot more than ok, and well worth the drive. Thanks to you and all the Saith Sereners for a warm welcome, good food and lovely company. Really enjoyed myself.

Now I’m looking forward even more to the SSiW party and bootcamp. Less than 8 weeks. Gwych!


Oedd yn wych!

Many thanks from me too for a great welcome from all at Saith Seren - and roll on the end of May! :slight_smile:


Huge thanks to all who initated, co-ordinated, welcomed so warmly, did the driving and the clearing up, and all of us having all the infectious fun!

Hwyl am a tro! xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Message just now from Judith (our kind of group leader sort of type of).

"Jyst isio dweud bod neithiwr yn ardderchog gyda cymaint yno. Llwyddiant! Diolch am drefnu a diolch i criw Coventry am wneud y daith hir i’r Saith! Gobeithio eu bod nhw wedi mwynhau eu hunain.


Roughly translated …
“Just want to say that last night was brilliant with so many there. Success! Thanks for organising and thanks to the Coventry crew for making the long journey to ‘the Saith’! Hopefully they enjoyed themselves.”

Long live our community. :grinning: