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Coventry/Birmingham SSIWers trip to Wrexham


It was a GREAT idea…in theory! :wink: Honestly though, looked like great fun! :grinning:


Diolch yn fawr i chi gyd y grwp Saith Seren! It was a long drive but well worth it for a great night out!


S’mae bawb! - who’s interested in a second visit on May 6th (Bank Holiday Monday)? :blue_car::red_car:

Some of us have been talking about giving it another try then - with the Bank Holiday meaning that we could leave a little earlier and find something to eat (Nando’s / Fish Bar / Thai / whatever) beforehand; and maybe even manage to get a better ration than 1.25 people per car this time …

It would be a much quieter night in the Saith Seren (the downside of the Bank Holiday), but there would still be peint a sgwrs, ac ychydig o bobl (more like 5/6 than the 15-20 we met last time).

Who’s interested? @david-davies, @Isata, @TrevorJones2, @andyjone, @lornarhodes?


I am!


Me too.


Yes, please, and hope to be finally getting to Coventry Litten on 8th May if that is still gonna hapoen?


P.S. No “England dress”! (I promise)


I just want to know whether Saith Seren/West Mids meetups are actually Pop-Up Gaeltacht equivalents: “BroCymraeg”/“Flashmob Cymru” in embryo… What do you think amdani @dee, further to our conversation on a Q&A recently, & @nia.llywelyn


I’m sorry, I can’t make this one, I’ll be cycling the Llwybr Mawddach. I know I went a long route round last time, but it’d be a tall order by bike.

I hope we do it again sometime.


Hi @mintonman, I can’t make the Monday trip to Saith Seren but am up for the Litten Tree on Wednesday 8th May. Thanks


Hi again all - after further chats with various of those who might have been coming, we’ve decided not to go over this coming Monday :confused:, but instead to find another Monday to go over a little later in the year :grinning: (after the Parti Penblwydd, for sure!).

Looking forward to seeing some of you at the Litten Tree :deciduous_tree: next Wednesday night

Pob hwyl till then :wave:


Pob hwyl, a diolch i ti, @mintonman, ac i “chi sy’n Saith Seren”!


S’mae pawb! (@david-davies, @Isata, @TrevorJones2, @lornarhodes, @andyjone)

If I have remembered a chat with @gruntius correctly, the following dates would all work for both him and me for a follow-up visit to the Saith Seren: which might you fine people be interested in, if any?

  • Monday 15 July
  • Monday 29 July
  • Monday 12 August

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What do you reckon? Let’s see what interest there is and then work out the details :slight_smile:



Should be good for all three, all being well.


All fine for me too atm.


Thanks for taking the soundings…I am good for all three as of now (& now you’ve gone and made me homesick for SSiW Caernarfon/Wrecsam again…

How AM I supposed to adjust? I’ll be all moody again now… :disappointed_relieved::upside_down_face::rofl:


Nothing been mentioned since… Or did I miss something?


Hi again all, who’s up for the 29th of this month, then?

@andyjone, @david-davies, @isata, @lorna, @TrevorJones2?

Still good for you, @Gruntius?


Oops, @lornaRhodes?


Good for me. :grinning: