Coventry meetup, looking for additional dates and venues


Shw’mae bawb!

We’d like to try to reach a few more people in Coventry. Currently we only meet once a month and there are normally only two of us (in the evening meetup that is - the daytime one is well attended). Is there anyone else in the area who would like to meet up with us but our current time and venue doesn’t work for you? Would you like to add a new regular meeting date and/or in a different venue? Please submit your suggestions and we’ll start a conversation and hopefully arrange something.



@dee :slight_smile:


Noswaith dda Andy!

I live in Coventry and am trying to learn Welsh, but without the discipline of proper lessons I don’t seem to be making very much progress on my own. Currently my fluency stretches to basic greetings and a comment about the weather, so there’s a bit of grammar/vocabulary to go yet! A regular get-together would be a great way to maintain a bit of momentum, test my learning, and obviously meet new people.

Unfortunately, I work Mon-Fri, so the daytime meet is no good for me. And the weekday evening meet doesn’t suit either: if I’m not working away, I don’t get home from Birmingham until 19:00. I realise it would be an encroachment, but a weekend would be easier to attend.

Not sure if this helps, and I’d be interested to see if you get any more responses.

Diolch yn fawr.


Hi Cat, good to hear from you. I’m quite happy to do a weekend meetup. What I suggest we do is arrange a date and time and venue and see if there’s any response from anyone else, and if not, have a meetup anyway. There are a few Welsh learners in Coventry as you might have seen but so far it’s been a case of starting small and hoping something builds up. Did you have a date and time and venue in mind?



Hi Andy
It sounds like you have a plan already :blush:
I had no specific date/time/venue in mind, though if pushed for a preference I would say a Saturday morning. But really, I’m happy to ‘go with the flow’ if you have other people already signed up.
As for a venue, I live on the Tile Hill/Eastern Green side of town, and there’s a lovely coffee bar called Serene Lounge that’s always happy to host community events like this. However, I realise it may be a bit out of the way for other people who might prefer somewhere more central. Again, I’ll go with the majority view.
Thanks, Andy. Hopefully meet you soon.


Looks worth a visit Cat. I’ll give you a shout soon.



I’m not far from Coventry but unfortunately I don’t drive which makes it hard to get places. But could possibly get along to a cafe meet on a Saturday morning. Would be great to use my welsh a bit more. Will follow the thread.


Hi Alice, we could look into meeting closer to you as well. Can you get to Rugby? We could arrange a regular meetup there if you can. If not, is there anywhere else nearby that you can get to? Then we would just need a driver to join the group :slight_smile:


Just signed up to the forum and spotted your thread. I’ve been working through Level 1 for a few weeks/months now and am keen to meet like-minded Welsh learners. I live in Nuneaton - and have a car - so I can get to wherever your meeting and give people a lift if they are en route.


Brilliant! I hope to arrange something soon. (as well as the Wednesday session which will be on May 2 as usual)


I’ve pencilled May 2 into my diary. I’ll watch out for whatever else you manage to arrange.


Have been offline for a bit and had a break and now trying to pick up my welsh again and catch up. Would be good to have a meetup, I wonder if people could get to ‘Blooms’ Garden centre at a weekend.


I could get to Blooms easily enough at weekends. I need as much practice as I can get!



I can do any Saturday or Sunday morning in July for a meetup at Blooms including this weekend.

Anyone got a date in mind?



It turns out my only free weekend dates in July are: Sat. 7th and Sat. 28th. I didn’t realise my diary was so full. Either of those dates any good?



They both work for me :slight_smile:


Hi all,

I could get to Blooms in the morning on Sat 7th (this Saturday) , but would need to leave at around 11am, so would favour an earlyish meetup - how would that suit people? The 28th is no good for me …

I live in Whoberley, so Serene Lounge would also be easy for me sometime …

great that we are looking to try out some more times and places - Cymraeg all over the place! And it was good to meet you the other Wednesday, @TrevorJones2

Hope to see some or all of you soon!


… also, the Blooms all seem to be called “Wyevale” now, and there’s one to the NW of Coventry (Brownshill Green Road, Allesley, Coventry, CV5 9PB), as well as the one to the SW of Rugby (Straight Mile,Bourton-on-Dunsmore, Frankton, Nr Rugby, CV23 9QQ)

  • which one would work better for people (either would be workable for me)


This Saturday morning at Blooms/Wyevale works for me, also like the idea of the Serene sometime. So - who’s on for 10.30 this Saturday? @alice9 does that work for you?


I can do 10.30 Saturday :slight_smile: