Coventry meetup, looking for additional dates and venues


Hi Andy, the Saturday meetups at the Bourton-on-Dunsmore Garden Centre are great (it’s difficult for me to make Coventry on Wednesday evenings - and can’t make today sorry 12/09/18). However, I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at the Saturday meetup this weekend (15 Sep) and 20 Oct. If we could all settle on a repeating Saturday for them that would be hyfryd/lovely.


Hi @andyjone

I hope to come on sat 15th sept. This will be my first time. Is there anything I should do to find you?
look forward to meeting you all.



Hi Gordon, we meet in the coffee shop , the hardest thing will be finding that, as the garden centre is the size of a small town! Having found the coffee shop you should find it easy to find the group, there will probably be about six of us.

Looking to meeting you :slight_smile:



Having too much fun and stimulation in Machynlleth to join you in person today, but I’m mindful that Coventry meet-up folk helped give me the confidence to come here. So I’m sending you all love and best wishes and greetings to all who enthused at Wyevale last time. Sori @TrevorJones2 - our encounter in person is postponed again! Have fun!


Diolch Lorna! :slight_smile:


Reminder, the next dates decided for the Wyevale Garden Centre meetup (CV23 9QQ) are: October 20, November 10 and December 1st. These are all Saturday mornings, 10.30 ish in the cafe. New people welcome, in fact most of the group are quite new! Was great to be joined by @Gordon last time.



A belated thank you for welcoming me at last meeting at Wyvale. I enjoyed it and think it has helped me! I expect to be there again at the future meetings, venue and times suit me well.

Diolch yn fawr


I have booked myself on a weekend retreat during which I shall meditate on my recent metamorphosis into a Welsh Speaker 6m graduand, (d.v., goodness willing, et al), despite my still wearing a badge eog-binc, binc, ie finbinc, finbinc finbinc; foel gynffonbinc ac ymlaen…

The retreat/daily course about which I hope to tell you or others at the Litten Tree on Wednesday will involve my attendance on a Saturday clashing with Wyevale…


I would like to come to your group. I have just restarted SS yn C having stopped earlier to concentrate on Spanish. I regularly attend a Spanish meetup in Kenilworth and know how useful it is even if you just listen.

I won’t be able to make the October or November meetings as I’m doing something else but the December one will give me a target to get some speaking in so that I can say a few things.


Is there just one in December, then?


Looking forward to the Wyevale this Saturday :smile:


Hoping it goes well. I cannot make it to Wyevale this time.


I will be there again tomorrow.

Diolch yn fawr


Hi folks, we talked about online Welsh Speaking Practice (WSP for short) when we were at the Garden Centre meetup last weekend. WSP is set up and managed by SaySomethinginWelsh, but it’s free to join, free to use and anyone can join. The idea of it is an online community of people who want to practice speaking Welsh online to each other. This can be by 1:1 sessions or in group chats (Google hangouts).

WSP uses a platform called Slack, which can be downloaded as an app for phone / tablet, or logged on to using a website. If you want to get set up on this, email with the subject title “WSP” for an invite.

When admin emails you back to say it’s set up, either download the Slack app and go to or go directly to using the internet browser on your PC.

You can also watch this YouTube video to see how to set up Slack - although this youtube video is for the 6 months welsh course Slack, so remember that the is slightly different but very similar.

Pob lwc!


Hi folks, hopefully see you tomorrow morning (10/11/18) at the Wyvale garden centre.:grinning:


In a post above I said I would be at the Dec 1st meeting but I can’t make that as I’m already commited to something else then. BUT I have learnt a lot of Welsh in anticipation: I will be finishing Challenge 16, Level 1.

Can you post here when the next meeting will be in Dec or New Year.

I go regularly to a Spanish Meetup and know how helpful these groups are in learning and building confidence.


Could you tag me @dee as well please when you do, so I can update the list at the end of the newsletter? Diolch :slight_smile:


Is there an update on this for the newsletter please? :santa:


@dee We’re meeting this Wednesday (12th) in the Litten Tree at 6.30 pm.

@mintonman - remind me what our Saturday dates are for the new year? I seem to have lost the used train ticket I wrote the dates on!



Sorry, I didn’t see this in time for today’s newsletter :cry: